Snow & Ice Paradise

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With the snow and ice now starting to clear across the UK, you can keep the festive feel by adding snow to your layout or diorama. Woodland Scenics feature a selection of products to help you depict a realistic wintery scene, whether it be a light dusting or a heavy snowfall. With many products and videos available to help, you can create and enjoy a picturesque Winter scene from the warmth of your own home.

Watch the ‘Snow and Ice’ tutorial video to learn how to create snowy landscape. The products that are mentioned in this video are:

• Soft Flake Snow, WSN140
• Flex Paste, WC1205
• Realistic Water, WC1211
• Water Effects, WC1212
• Earth Colours Liquid Pigments, WC1215-W1223
• Earth Undercoat, WC1228-W1229
• Scenic Cement, WS191

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Watch the ‘Snow and Ice’ tutorial video.