Conflix Range Relaunch

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The Conflix range of wargaming dioramas and buildings were originally introduced to the market in 2004 and quickly gained a reputation for quality, becoming a gold medal winner at Nuremberg Toy Fair. Back by popular demand, the products come in two styles of attractive new packaging to suit either gothic themed or military themed structures. The gothic fantasy themed structures are suitable for 500 years of historic and fantasy gaming, whilst the military themed structures include some examples which come with removable parts for added gaming realism.

Made from durable pre-painted polystone, they are ready to plant on your diorama – leaving you more time for gaming! Suitable for 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm or 1/72 & 1/76 depending on the individual item. The range will be available soon so make sure you pre-order via your local Bachmann Stockist today!

Item No. Description Theme Available RRP
PKCX6501 Pill box and Dugout Military June £17.95
PKCX6502 Ruined Village House Military June £44.95
PKCX6503 Gun Emplacement Military March £19.95
PKCX6504 Redoubt Military March £18.95
PKCX6505 Desert Tropic Ammo Stash Military March £17.95
PKCX6506A Stalingrad Ruins Military June £19.95
PKCX6507 Kursh Ruins Winter Military June £19.95
PKCX6508 Command Bunker with Roof Military June £21.95
PKCX6509 Ruined Villa – Removable Roof Military June £44.95
PKCX6510 Ruined House – Removable Roof Military June £44.95
PKCX6801 Merchant’s House Fantasy March £39.95
PKCX6802 Guild Master’s House Fantasy March £44.95
PKCX6803 House with Hay Loft Fantasy March £29.95
PKCX6804 Village Tavern Fantasy June £26.95
PKCX6805 Tavern Extension Wing Fantasy June £22.95
PKCX6806 Coach House and Stables Fantasy March £32.95
PKCX6807 Blacksmith’s Forge Fantasy June £27.95
PKCX6808 Barn Fantasy June £23.95
PKCX6809 Priest’s House Fantasy March £24.95
PKCX6810 Sorcerer’s House Fantasy June £24.95
PKCX6811 Money Lender’s House Fantasy June £34.95
PKCX6812 The Keep Fantasy March £37.95
PKCX6813 Ruined Hovel Fantasy June £23.95
PKCX6814 Corner Ruins Fantasy June £18.95