Three new BR Mk1 Coaches join the Bachmann Branchline Line-up at Model World LIVE

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Three new BR Mk1 Coaches join the Bachmann Branchline Line-up at Model World LIVE

To coincide with the opening of the new Model World LIVE event, the national modelling exhibition sponsored by Bachmann Europe Plc, Bachmann today announced three brand new BR Mark 1 Coaches for its Bachmann Branchline OO Scale range. The three models depict the Brake Second Open (BSO), First Open (FO) and Restaurant Buffet (RB) vehicles which have not previously been produced as part of the flagship Branchline Mark 1 Coach range.

The Diagram 183 Brake Second Opens were built from 1955, and by 1960 a total of 163 vehicles had been completed. A further 18 BSOs were built in 1963 which had an internal door splitting the seating bays in two to create a non-smoking area. Seats were provided at tables for 31 passengers, along with a toilet, guard’s compartment and an area for luggage. Between 1980 and 1981, BR converted 18 BSOs into BSOT Micro-Buffets – the T standing for Trolley. The conversion saw the toilet turned into a store and the first bay of seating removed to make room for a counter into which a trolley could be slotted, allowing the option for customers to be served at the counter, or at their seats throughout the train from the trolley. This variant is also modelled as part of the new tooling.

Diagram 73 First Open coaches were built by Doncaster, York, Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon, Wolverton and Swindon, with no fewer than 128 FOs built between 1953 and 1963. Delivered to all regions except the Southern, the first vehicles were painted in BR’s Crimson & Cream colour scheme but later builds went straight into BR Maroon and to a lesser extent, Chocolate & Cream. Each coach provided 42 first class seats with a toilet at both ends of the vehicle.

The Diagram 24 Restaurant Buffet was the most numerous of BR’s many catering vehicles, with the RB providing both a kitchen and pantry along with a service bar and seats for 23 passengers. Construction was shared between Pressed Steel and Birmingham RC&W and again, 128 vehicles were built, these being outshopped between 1960 and 1962. Entering traffic in BR Maroon, some RBs were delivered to the Western Region in Chocolate & Cream and others to the Southern in BR (SR) Green. In later years some vehicles would be refurbished, and liveries such as BR Blue & Grey and InterCity were carried.

These brand new models feature all the hallmarks of the Branchline Mk1, which capture the distinct shape and profile of the BR Mk1 coach with flush glazing, extensive detail and separately fitted parts including various handrails and pipework, and a full complement of underframe equipment. Era-appropriate details, such as the presence of end steps and, on the BSO, the inclusion of roof periscopes, are all catered for. The new tooling extends to the bogies fitted beneath each vehicle, with new BR1, Commonwealth, B4 and B5 bogies being developed. In addition, the BR2 bogie has been added to the pool of options and all bogies feature integrated metal wheel bearings and electrical pickups to aid those wishing to add features to their models which may require power. Profiled metal wheelsets are fitted, as are standard tension lock couplings, fitted into NEM coupling pockets which are attached to chassis-mounted close-coupling mechanisms.

Details of the first batch of models to be made from this new tooling, including livery variants, prices and availability will be included in the Summer 2024 British Railway Announcements on Wednesday 1st May.