W. Britain’s Museum Collection

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The W. Britain Museum Collection is an expanding range of highly detailed figures representing famous soldiers and leaders in history. These hand-painted figures include new and improved sculpts of previous W. Britain releases as well as exciting new additions.

One of the most iconic British figures in the range is one of Winston Churchill (B10049), with the former Prime Minister leading his country from the brink of disaster to glorious victory. Prior to this he was a member of the Fourth Hussars and served in India and Sudan. He saw action in the Battle of Omdurman in 1898 and captured these exploits in exhilarating prose.

Above: Winston Churchill, B10049

Field Marshall Kitchener 1914-16 (B10052) a senior British Army officer and colonial administrator is also featured in the range. He won fame for his campaigns in Africa and later, for his central role in the First World War. His portrait became an icon when he organised the largest volunteer army in British history, declaring from the famous poster, “Your country needs you”. .

Above: Field Marshall Kitchener, B10052

A future addition to the Museum Collection is that of Baron von Steuben (B10066). Steuben served as an inspector general and major general during the American Revolutionary War and has been recognised as the implementer of the Continental Armys teaching of military drills, tactics and disciplines. His life is celebrated on Von Steuben Day which takes place in mid-September. People gather to dance, march and play music with the largest crowds commonly found in New York City.Available to pre-order. 

Above: Baron von Steuben, B10066

Along with the items mentioned above, we have many more products available in the range which can be found listed below. For more information on products and to find your local W.Britain stockist please head over to our W. Britains website.

Product Code Name Price
B10012 Black Watch Pipes & Drums, Tenor Drummer 20th Century £26.99
B10027 “Help for Heros” Modern British Army Stretcher Bearer Set £66.50
B10029  Black Watch Ensign with Queen’s Colour, Crimean War 1854 £44.99
B10030  78th (Ross-shire Buffs) Highland Regiment Highlander 1869 £26.99
B10033 Cadet Douglas MacArthur, West Point Military Academy £26.99
B10034  West Point Military Academy Cadet Colour Guard – 5 Piece £149.99
B10035 U.S. Marine, 1859 £26.99
B10044 Grenadier Guards Officer, 1831 £29.30
B10045 Colonel Douglas MacArthur, World War I, Rainbow Division, 1917 £29.30
B10048 British Grenadier Guardsman, 1831 £29.75
B10049 Winston Churchill 1898 £34.99
B10050 Theodore Roosevelt 1898 £34.99
B10051 General “Black Jack” Pershing, 1917-18 £33.99
B10052 Field Marshall Kitchener, 1914-16 £33.99
B10053 Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1912-18 £33.99
B10054 George Washington, 1780-83 £33.99
B10055 Abraham Lincoln, 1861-65 £33.99
B10056 Santa Anna, 1836 £33.99
B10057 William B. Travis, 1836 £33.99
B10060 Alexandra Hamilton 1783 £37.99
B10061 Thomas Jefferson No.2 £37.99
B10062 Marquis de Lafayette 1783 £37.99