Scenecraft Station Scenes

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Various station buildings and accessories are available from the Scenecraft range to help you achieve the perfect backdrop for your OO and N scale layout. With a selection of main buildings made out of brick and stone, you can recreate your era of choice from early steam through to the present day.

Along with our generic OO scale Scenecraft station scenes, last year we expanded our range to feature models of March Station. Located in Cambridgeshire, March station was once a strategic junction where the Great Eastern and Great Northern shared facilities. Opened in January 1847, today the station is served by trains on the Peterborough – Ely line but up until the 1960s, it was also the junction for lines to Cambridge via St. Ives, Watlington via Wisbech and Spalding. Although based on the buildings at March, each separate module is useful for areas across the country, with familiar station architecture touches. 

Above: A scene created from the March Station buildings

Also in our N scale Scenecraft range, in conjunction with our standard station scenery, are our models of Shillingstone Station in Dorset. 2012 was the 150th anniversary of the formation of the much missed Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway. Several organisations are now working towards restoration of parts of the historic line, resorting its buildings and infrastructure for future generations. A donation will be made from every purchase towards the maintenance and development of this project. For further information on visiting the station and the railway head over to the official website.

Above: A scene created from the Shillingstone Station buildings

Along with the items mentioned above, we have many more products available in the range which can be found listed below. These products can be purchased from any Bachmann Stockists.

Item No. Description Scale Available RRP
44-0023 Station Building OO In Stock £34.95
44-0024 Station Waiting Room OO In Stock £32.95
44-0071 Station Cafe OO In Stock £24.95
44-0043 Waiting Room & Ladies Toilet OO In Stock £32.95
44-0093 Gents Toilet & Staff Room OO Awaiting £39.95
44-0095 Stone Booking Hall OO Awaiting £99.95
44-0096 Stone Waiting Room OO Awaiting £39.95
44-596 Small Kiosk OO Awaiting £12.95
44-0061 Twin Track Footbridge OO In Stock £62.95
44-0044 Concrete Footbridge OO In Stock £44.95
44-0012 Platform Book Stand OO In Stock £11.95
44-506 Kiosk OO In Stock £9.95
44-067 Art Deco Platform End Building OO  In Stock £29.95
44-065 Art Deco Platform Centre Building OO  In Stock £39.95
44-068 Art Deco Platform Subway Building OO  In Stock £29.95
44-066 Art Deco Station Building OO  In Stock £84.95
44-0082 Hampton Stations Buildings with Lights OO In Stock £69.95
44-0065 March Station Waiting Room OO In Stock £49.95
44-0066 March Station Ticket Office OO In Stock £49.95
44-0067 March Station Facilities & Stores OO In Stock £49.95
44-0068 March Station Canopy OO In Stock £32.95
44-0008 Two Platform Ramps OO In Stock £14.50
44-153 Two Straight Platforms OO In Stock £14.95
44-0007 Two Curved Platforms Radius 2 OO In Stock £24.95
44-0062 Platform Subway OO In Stock £23.95
42-088 Sheffield Park Booking Office N Awaiting £4995
42-091 Sheffield Park Storeroom N Awaiting £24.95
42-090 Sheffield Park Waiting Room & Toilet N Awaiting £54.95
42-087 Bluebell Waiting Room N Awaiting £44.95
42-089 Sheffield Park Station Canopy N Awaiting £34.95
42-093 Sheffield Park Footbridge N Awaiting £54.95
42-0012 Platform Book Stand N In Stock £9.99
42-192 Platform Buffet N In Stock £24.95
42-0061 Twin Track Footbridge N On Order £39.95
42-164 Shillingstone Station Building N In Stock £47.95
42-170 Shillingstone Goods Shed N In Stock £31.95
42-165 Shillingstone Signal Box N In Stock £35.95
42-166 Shillingstone Parcel Office N In Stock £15.95
42-169 Shillingstone  Platelayers Hut N In Stock £11.95