Latest Developments on Show at Alexandra Palace

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The Bachmann Roadshow team were in London last weekend for the London Festival of Railway Modelling and we’re delighted to share with you some of the highlights that were on display during the show. In the Members Lounge – a dedicated area for members of the Bachmann Collectors Club – we had the latest samples of forthcoming models on display for the first time.

First Engineering Prototypes of the Bachmann Branchline OO scale Class 94xx Pannier Tank

The Branchline model will feature a Next18 DCC interface with pre-fitted speaker for ease of digital sound installation. With a realistic fire-box flicker effect and sprung buffers, this model is packed full of features and multiple detail variations have been incorporated to allow the accurate portrayal of different members of the class. Features include extensive pipework detail including whistle steam pipes, representation of the inside valve gear, etched fire-iron brackets and full cab interior.

Three models will be available initially as:

  • 35-025 – No. 9402 in GWR Green livery (Era 3)
  • 35-026 – No. 9487 in BR Black livery with Early Emblem (Era 4)
  • 35-027 – No. 9479 in BR Black livery with Late Crest (Era 5)

First Engineering Prototypes of the Bachmann Branchline OO scale Midland Class 1532 (1P)

IThe Class 1532 locomotives underwent many changes during their lives and our tooling caters for a wealth of variants allowing accurate models to be produced covering the lifespan of the real locomotives. From major detail differences, such as fireboxes (round-top or Belpaire), condensing and push-pull fitted locomotives, to smaller variations like smoke-box doors, chimneys, domes and coal-rails, the Branchline model caters for them all. The model also incorporates a Next18 DCC interface with pre-fitted speaker, fire-box flicker effect and sprung buffers.

Three models will be available initially as:

  • 31-740 – No. 1273 in Midland Railway Crimson Lake livery (Era 2)
  • 31-741 – No. 1303 in LMS Black livery (Era 3)
  • 31-742 – No. 58072 in BR Lined Black livery with Early Emblem (Era 4)

First Engineering Prototypes of the Graham Farish N scale Refurbished Class 31sI

Refurbishment of the Class 31 fleet saw several changes to the appearance of these locomotives, such as the removal of the buffer-beam cowling and the plating-over of boiler ports & bodyside steps, and these changes have been replicated in N scale on the Graham Farish model. Detail variations include the position of the hi-intensity headlight, different side grills, snow ploughs (supplied in the accessory pack with selected models) and with or without NRN (National Radio Network) pods. The Refurbished Class 31 builds on the Graham Farish models of the as-built locomotives and will feature an upgraded chassis with Next18 DCC interface, pre-fitted speaker and independently controlled directional lights. This new chassis will also be used for future releases of the as-built locomotives. 

Three models of the Refurbished Class 31s will be released as:

  • 371-135 – No. 31154 in BR Railfreight livery (Era 8)
  • 371-136 – No. 31319 in BR Railfreight Petroleum Sector livery (Era 8)
  • 371-137 – No. 31602 in Network Rail livery (Era 9)

Three models of the as-built locomotives will also be released utilising the upgraded chassis:

  • 371-111A – No. D5616 in BR Green livery with Small Yellow Panels (Era 5/6)
  • 371-112A – No. 31131 in BR Blue livery (Era 7/8)
  • 371-113 – No. 97204 in RTC (Revised) livery (Era 8)

3D Prints of the Bachmann Narrow Gauge OO9 scale Quarry Hunslets

The Quarry Hunslet 0-4-0 tank locomotives were built with either enclosed and open cabs and both types will be available in OO9 scale from Bachmann Narrow Gauge too. With many differences catered for including variations in the buffer-beams, cab-sides, chimneys, with or without buffers and with or without vacuum brakes, the Bachmann model is sure to capture every detail of this diverse and popular prototype. The model will feature a 6 Pin DCC interface with our powerful coreless motor and NEM coupling pockets.

The first four models to be released will be:

  • 391-050 – ‘Alice’ in Dinorwic Quarry Red livery (open-cab)
  • 391-051 – ‘Britomart’ in Pen-yr-Orsedd Quarry Blue livery (enclosed-cab)
  • 391-052 – ‘Nesta’ in Penrhyn Quarry Lined Black livery (open-cab)
  • 391-053 – ‘Dorothea’ in Dorothea Quarry Lined Green livery (enclosed-cab)

We had a fantastic weekend at Alexandra Palace and it was great to meet so many people, both club members who took advantage of the Members Lounge and other visitors that we met on other areas of the stand – from the Woodland Scenics demonstrations with Peter Marriott to our new Consumer Information Point which was busy answering enquiries throughout the event.

The Members Lounge is just one benefit of membership to the Bachmann Collectors Club and if you would like to take advantage of this at a future event, join the Bachmann Collectors Club today!

Visit our dedicated Club website for full details of the club membership package and to join online.