Every community, no matter the scale, needs power and Woodland Scenics Substation allows modellers to create the illusion of working power and communication lines on a layout when combined with the new Woodland Scenics Utility System.

Enhance the realism of your layout with a Substation!

Whether a layout features a small neighbourhood or bustling metropolis, the Substation connects to the Utility System to accurately simulate power distribution.

Woodland Scenics Substation 

This hand-painted and detailed structure includes many features, such as insulators, cables and a circuit breaker. It comes paired with a control building, so the local crew can monitor its operation.

Designed to work with the Woodland Scenics Utility System, the Substation enables you to model a functioning power grid on your layout or diorama in no time at all!

Modellers can also purchase Woodland Scenics Chain Link Fence to further enhance the realism of the scene. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to install!

Available to Pre-order now from your local Bachmann Stockist!