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The United States Armed Forces is one of the largest militaries in terms of number of personnel and has had many impressive crafts since it was first formed. The Pocketbond range has a wide variety of pocket money toys, diecast collectables and plastic scale model construction kits, which includes models from the US Navy and Air Force such as the C-5B Galaxy and USS Ranger CV-4. These products are available to purchase from your nearest Bachmann Stockist now.

C-5B Galaxy

Above: Box artwork for PKROD330, C-5B Galaxy

PKROD330 is a model built by Roden of the largest American military transport aircraft ever built, the C-5B Galaxy. The aircraft took its debut flight back in 1968 and around 131 modified variants remain in US military service today. The C-5 has participated in every significant military conflicts from the late 20th Century onwards (the Vietnam War, Yom Kippur 1973, 1st & 2nd Iraq War and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan 2001 amongst others) in conjunction with continually performing in humanitarian missions in various parts of the world affected by large scale natural disasters. This newly tooled plastic model kit comes in a 1:144 scale and requires paint and glue to build.

USS Ranger CV-4
PKTM05629 (model size, L: 669mm, W: 95mm)

Above: Box artwork for PKTM05629, USS Ranger CV-4

PKTM05629 is a model built by Trumpeter of the US Navy’s first purpose built aircraft carrier, the USS Ranger CV-4. Launched in 1933, the boat was able to operate around 75 aircraft whilst being armed with six 40mm quadruple mounts and forty-six 20mm mounts. In January 1947 following its involvement in World War 2, the ship was withdrawn and sold from scrap to Sun Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. This plastic model kit comes in a 1:350 scale and requires paint and glue to build. It features over 950 parts with a detailed flight and hangar deck and a single piece hull.

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