Get to Grips with SubTerrain

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The Woodland Scenics SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System is a great starting point for construction of layouts. There are no complicated calculations to make, no expensive power tools to buy and no dusty mess to clean up. The revolutionary System consists of sturdy, durable, lightweight foam components that take the guesswork out of designing and building a layout, complete with a selection of tools and adhesives specifically designed to work with the System. The SubTerrain Manual gives modellers fully illustrated instructions for constructing a layout, as well as the tutorial videos below.

Above: Watch the shorter SubTerrain tutorial

Above: Watch the longer SubTerrain tutorial

The range consists of a selection of materials such as Foam Sheets, Profile Boards, Risers and Incline/Decline sets along with helpful tools in the shape of Hot Wire Foam Cutters, Foam Glue Guns, Foam Knives and many more. These products can be ordered and purchased from any Bachmann Stockist.

During the annual Alexandra Palace and Warley Model Railway exhibitions, you can speak to our team about the benefits of using the SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System along with demonstrations of how they work.