A for Accessories

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Whilst Bachmann models are renowned for their high level of detail and are constructed using a wealth of separate parts, there are some detail parts, such as buffer-beam pipe-work and cosmetic couplings, which can interfere with the operation of models if they are used on tight curves or can be fitted in various positions to suit your modelling interest.

For this reason, many of our models include an Accessory Pack, allowing you to add the finishing touches to your model where appropriate. Some even include extra details, such as route indicator discs and fireman’s tools, to enhance your models even further! 

In the 2018 Branchline and Graham Farish catalogues we have highlighted which models are supplied with an Accessory Pack, so look out for items which feature the ‘A’ symbol and you can look forward to adding more detail to your models than ever before!

Above: The Accessory Pack symbol