Scenecraft Shed Scenes

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Since the emergence of the railways, engine sheds have been essential to store, repair and maintain locomotives. They were designated alpha-numeric codes to help identify one shed to the next. In 1973 a new alphabetic code system was brought into place on the remaining depots due to the modernisation of the railways and the introduction of the Total Operations Processing System (TOPS).

In this year’s OO scale Scenecraft range, we have structures suitable for both steam and modern era settings in the form of the Two Lane Engine Shed (44-0033) and the Modern Servicing Depot (44-017). N scale modellers can also choose between the Two Lane Engine Shed (42-0033) and the Modern Servicing Depot (42-017), or a third option of the Two Road Brick Engine Shed (42-0001).

Above: (Left) 44-017 OO Scale Modern Servicing Depot and (Right) 42-0033 N Scale Two Lane Engine Shed

Any steam depot required watering facilities and these came in many different designs, from large brick built structures atop which a metal reservoir was mounted to simple metal columns which supplied water from a remote source.They were used to deliver large volumes of water into the tank or tender of steam locomotives – essential for producing steam. Not only were watering facilities found in depots, but they were also found at the end of station platforms to refill locomotives on long-haul services. They can still be found today on many preserved lines around the UK where steam locomotives have been revived and operate on a daily basis.

In the OO scale Scenecraft range we have four variants including Brick Base Water Tower (44-0003), Parachute Water Tower (44-0003), Weybourne Water Crane & Tank (44-0073) and Midland Water Crane, platform mounted (44-572). We also have two further water towers available in our N scale range, including Parachute Water Tower (42-0064) and Riverted Water Tank (42-037).

Above: (Left) 44-0003 OO Scale Brick Base Water Tower and (Right) 42-037 N Scale Riveted Water Tank

Many other items can be found in and around the shed including fueling points, mechanical wash plants and portable offices. Along with these items, we have many more products available in the range which can be found in our 2018 catalogues. These products can be purchased from any Bachmann Stockists.