Caledonian Railway Class 812 0-6-0 Announcement

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Bachmann Europe are pleased to announce that we are producing a Branchline OO scale model of the Class 812 0-6-0 steam locomotive for Rails of Sheffield. The announcement was made today at the Model Rail Scotland show in Glasgow, following an agreement being reached with the Caledonian Railway 828 Trust. The following models are now available to pre-order with Rails of Sheffield (£30 deposit required):

  • No. 828 in Caledonian Railway Blue livery (as preserved)
  • No. 828 in Caledonian Railway Blue livery (as originally built)
  • No. 17566 in LMS Black livery
  • No. 57565 in BR Black, Early Emblem livery (weathered)
  • No. 57566 in BR Black, Late Crest

The locomotives were produced whilst John Mcintosh was Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Caledonian Railway (1895-1914). The first 17 locomotives were built at the Caledonian’s St. Rollox works during 1899 (No. 812-828), with a further 12 built there later that year. At the turn of the 20th century, the Caledonian found itself short of suitable engines for mineral traffic and with St. Rollox committed to other work, they turned to three outside contractors (Neilson Reid, Sharp Stewart and Dübs).

The first 17 locomotives were used for mixed traffic duties whilst carrying the distinctive Caledonian Blue livery. Some of the engines had Westinghouse pumps and couplings fitted to enable them for use on passenger services. Under the LMS ownership in 1923, the Westinghouse pumps were removed and the class were painted into Black livery.

In 1946 the first locomotive was taken out of service, with the last being withdrawn in 1963. No. 828 was the one engine that survived being scrapped, having previously been earmarked for preservation by the Scottish Locomotive Preservation Trust Fund (now The Caledonian Railway 828 Trust). Originally on display at the Glasgow Museum of Transport, it was restored during 1966 and painted in Caledonian Railway blue with the long-term goal to restore the locomotive to full working order.

In October 1980, it was moved to the Strathspey Railway where it was rebuilt before returning to operational traffic in 1993. The locomotive is due to have major works attention in 2020. Bachmann and Rails of Sheffield would like to thank The Caledonian Railway 828 Trusts, the owners of No. 828, for providing facilities and encouragement to turn this project into a reality.