Scenecraft Village & Town Scenes

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Creating towns and villages on your model layout will help add interest, depth and realism. Within the Scenecraft range is a selection of buildings for a variety of purposes such as housing, entertainment, eating and transport. From Balti Towers (44-279) to a Tabernacle (44-0069), there is something to suit each individual layout.

Villages and towns grew up around places of work such as seaports, mines and factories. The workers would move to live nearer their jobs to make travelling to and from work easier. As work opportunities increased, thriving towns grew to cater for the number of people.

Above: A village at dusk created from Scenecraft & Just Plug

A popular settlement across Britain is a Market Town. Traditionally larger than villages, they would operate as the economic hub of the surrounding area with more facilities available. Not all towns would be able to host markets, with them having to be granted “market rights”. Available in both N (42-549) and OO (44-583) scale is a duo of Market Stalls which would help create a realistic model market town.

Above: A bustling town scene created from Scenecraft products

The Scenecraft range has a wide selection of products in both N and OO scale which would complement any Village or Town scene, these include:

Item No. Description Scale Available RRP
42-0030 Farmhouse N In Stock £23.95
42-0046 Corner Store N In Stock £33.95
42-124 Village Pub N In Stock £39.95
42-150 Road Side Farm Shop N In Stock £16.95
42-190 Crossing Keeper’s Cottage N In Stock £18.95
42-194 Taxi Office N In Stock £13.95
42-202 Low Relief Front Terraced Houses N TBA £19.95
42-209 Low Relief Butchers N In Stock £18.95
42-219 Low Relief Stone Factory N In Stock £33.95
42-227 Low Relief Rear of Victorian Tenements N In Stock £44.95
42-232 Low Relief Pub N In Stock £16.95
42-233 Low Relief Rear of Terraces N In Stock £19.95
42-234 Low Relief Public Convenience N In Stock £11.95
42-236 Low Relief Railway Hotel ‘The Caledonian’ N In Stock £22.95
42-245 Low Relief Corner Chemists N In Stock £19.95
42-253 Low Relief Greengrocers N In Stock £19.95
42-266 Low Relief ‘The Cod Father’ Fish & Chip Shop N In Stock £18.95
42-289 Low Relief Modular Mill Façade N TBA £24.95
42-290 Low Relief Modular Mill Entrance N TBA £10.95
42-544 Pent Roof Garden Shed N In Stock £4.95
42-549 Market Stalls (x2) N In Stock £19.95
42-558 Corrugated Metal Shed N In Stock £6.95
44-0019 Thatched Cottage OO In Stock £34.95
44-0046 Corner Store OO In Stock £39.95
44-0052 Church OO In Stock £94.95
44-0069 Tabernacle OO In Stock £49.95
44-0070 Prefab Commercial Building OO In Stock £34.95
44-0076 Watermill OO In Stock £47.95
44-0077 Filling Station OO In Stock £41.65
44-0080 Beach Huts OO In Stock £19.95
44-0090 Small Industrial Unit OO TBA £34.95
44-0097 Weavers Cottage OO TBA £64.95
44-0098 Estate Cottages OO TBA £74.95
44-0099 The Gate Inn OO TBA £74.95
44-084 Flat Roof Garage OO TBA £15.95
44-202 Low Relief Front Terraced Houses OO In Stock £23.95
44-243 Low Relief Lyons Corner House OO In Stock £22.95
44-245 Low Relief Corner Chemists OO In Stock £21.95
44-253 Low Relief Greengrocers OO In Stock £23.95
44-261 Low Relief Station Hotel OO In Stock £42.95
44-271 Low Relief Police Station OO In Stock £32.95
44-272 Low Relief ‘Stuarts Sports Shop’ OO In Stock £31.95
44-275 Low Relief Model Shop OO In Stock £28.95
44-276 Low Relief Fishing Tackle Shop OO In Stock £24.95
44-278 Low Relief ‘Kevin’s Carpets’ OO In Stock £27.95
44-279 Low Relief ‘Balti Towers’ OO In Stock £30.95
44-280 Low Relief ‘Garnhams Getaways’ OO In Stock £30.95
44-283 Low Relief ‘McMillan’s Mounts’ Cycle Shop OO In Stock £27.95
44-284 Low Relief ‘Lovett’s Lamb and Meats’ Butcher OO In Stock £28.95
44-285 Low Relief ‘Parson’s Properties’ Estate Agent OO In Stock £27.95
44-286 Low Relief ‘The Ship Inn’ Pub OO In Stock £27.95
44-291 “In Cod We Trust” OO TBA £33.95
44-515 Greenhouse (x2) OO In Stock £15.95
44-516 Garden Shed (x2) OO In Stock £11.95
44-538 Domestic Coal Bunkers OO In Stock £4.95
44-554 Outhouses (x2) OO In Stock £5.95
44-566 Memorial OO In Stock £6.95
44-571 Fresh Fish Stall OO In Stock £19.95
44-583 Two Market Stalls OO In Stock £26.95
44-584 Clock Tower OO In Stock £31.95
44-587 Fibre Board Hut OO In Stock £7.95
44-593 Concrete Bus Shelter OO TBA £13.95