Mk2Fs Livery Samples Arrive

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We recently received livery samples of our forthcoming OO scale Branchline Mk2F coaches. Expected later this year, theses stunning models will be at home on any layout depicting era 7 or 8 (1971-1982 BR Blue TOPS and 1982-1994 BR Sectorisation). The models have already been displayed at a number of events this year and have been well received by enthusiasts and modellers alike.

Above: 39-725DC, BR Mk2F DBSO (Driving Brake Second Open) in BR Blue & Grey

Our models portray the BR Mark 2F coaches that were built from 1973 until 1975. The range will feature a First Open (FO), Tourist Second Open (TSO), Restaurant First Buffet (RFB), Brake Second Open (BSO) and Driving Brake Second Open (DBSO). All types will be available in both BR Blue & Grey and InterCity livery, with the exception of the DBSO which will feature in BR Blue & Grey and ScotRail livery.

Above: 39-650/39-650DC, BR Mk2F FO (First Open) in Blue & Grey

Above: 39-677/39-677DC, BR Mk2F TSO (Tourist Second Open) in InterCity

The FO, TSO, RFB and BSO models will be offered in both DCC and non-DCC format, with DCC fitted models featuring an integrated DCC decoder allowing the independent operation of an array of lighting features including interior lights, illuminated tail lamps (interchangeable between oil lamp, battery lamp or no lamp) and CDL (central door locking) lights – where appropriate. Non-DCC models come without lighting but have electrical pick-ups fitted to the bogies should you wish to install your own lighting and include non-working tail lamps. All DBSO models will be supplied DCC fitted and these include the same extensive lighting effects found in the standard vehicles, plus directional and cab lighting.

Above: 39-686/39-686DC, BR Mk2F RFB (Restaurant First Buffet) in BR InterCity

Above: 39-700/39-700DC, BR Mk2F BSO (Brake Second Open) in BR Blue & Grey

We have a video on our YouTube channel showcasing the engineering prototypes of our Mk2F Coaches and the fantastic lighting features they have to offer. For future updates and more information keep checking our news feed or head over to our Branchline product pages.