Celebrating the Centenary of the RAF

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On 1st April 2018, the Royal Air Force (RAF) celebrated 100 years since its formation which took place during the tail end of the First World War. Known for being the oldest independent Air Force in the world, they have engaged in many famous campaigns over the years such as “The Battle of Britain” which took place during the Second World War. During this battle, the Royal Air Force defended the United Kingdom against large-scale attacks by the Luftwaffe (German Air Force).

Above: B25017, The Dambusters’ 70th Anniversary Set, 1943 Ltd. Ed. 750

Another iconic battle the RAF fought in was the “Dam Busters – Operation Chastise” in which they attacked the dams of the Ruhr, Germany, using a purpose built bomb known as the ‘bouncing bomb’ developed by Dr. Barnes Wallis. The ‘Dambusters’ was an elite Lancaster bomber unit (Squadron 617) and the raid was led by Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC. The duty of the RAF is to support the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) with its fleet of various types of aircraft including Tornados, Typhoons and Boeing Chinooks, amongst others. Please see below a selection of products to commemorate this prestigious anniversary. To view our full range, please head over to our product page!