Introducing the Scenecraft Grain Warehouse

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Our latest Scenecraft arrival comes in the form our OO scale Grain Warehouse (44-0079). The model, which is now available from any Bachmann stockist, has an RRP of £74.95 and comes 180 x 116 x 138 in size.

Based upon a typical stone storehouse structure, our Grain Warehouse is inspired by a similar building found alongside the station at Downham Market. However, this type of building can be seen in both rural and industrial areas of the UK. The Grain Warehouse is suitable for any period from steam, where it’s industrial/store use was in action, right through to the present day where the structure either houses light industry and storage or, as in the case of the inspiration, has since been converted to housing.

The original occupants, Bennet and Sons Ltd, traded in a wide variety of materials such as grain, seed and coal and made use of the rail network for distribution of the commodities. The distinct wooden shaft houses the lifting gear to raise goods to each floor making the movement of stock easier. We have a selection of Grain Hoppers in our OO scale Branchline range that would be ideal for transporting the grain to and from the warehouse. These consist of:

  • 38-602A, 21 Ton Grain Hopper in weathered BR Bauxite (late) livery (RRP £29.95)

  • 38-603, 21 Ton Grain Hopper in BR PO Bass Red livery (RRP £27.95)

  • 38-604, 21 Ton Grain Hopper in BR PO Worthington Grey livery (RRP £27.95)

You can also add extra detail with a selection of OO scale figures and accessories from Scenecraft and Woodland Scenics respectively. These include:

  • 36-403, Scenecraft Factory Workers & Foreman (RRP £9.95)

  • WA1911, Woodland Scenics Forklift Figures (RRP £10.25)

  • WA1934, Woodland Scenics Loading Dock Details (RRP £10.50)

All the above-mentioned products are available to purchase through your local Bachmann stockist today.