Sales Area Exclusive Livery Samples Arrive

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We recently received the livery samples for four of our forthcoming area sales representative exclusive Class 37 models, with the fifth and final one due soon. Each of the five models are available exclusively from Bachmann Stockists in specific areas of the UK, follow the links below for details of the areas within which each model will be available.

Above: Class 37/0 No. 37032 in Red Stripe Railfreight (weathered) livery

First up is Class 37/0 No. 37032 in Red Stripe (weathered) livery which will be available with (32-775SDDS) and without (32-775SD) sound.

Class 37/0 No. 37032 emerged from Crewe Works in July 1987 carrying the Railfreight Red Stripe livery following overhaul and was one of the last locomotives to be painted into this livery. By the time No. 37032 received the hand painted name ‘Mirage’ and the Tinsley emblem in October 1992, its Railfreight Red Stripe livery was well-worn and weathered and this condition is replicated on the Bachmann model. Find out where to purchase this model here.

Above: Class 37/0 No. 37055 in Mainline Blue livery 

Another addition to the range is Class 37/0 No. 37055 in Mainline Blue livery. Also available with (32-775TLDS) and without (32-775TL) sound, click here to find out where to purchase this model.

No. 37055 was one of several locomotives decorated in Mainline’s ‘Aircraft Blue’ livery following the creation of Mainline Freight in 1994. It received the name ‘Rail Celebrity’ in association with EMAP/Bauer Media magazine ‘RAIL’ during a naming ceremony at Toton in 1995. Mainline, along with Transrail and Loadhaul, was subsequently subject to a takeover bid by a newly formed company – English, Welsh & Scottish (EWS). Despite now being a EWS loco, No. 37055 remained in Mainline blue livery into the 2000s, appearing on a variety of workings including London Underground train deliveries and railtours alongside its usual freight turns.

Above: Class 37/0 No. 37142 in Engineers Grey livery

The next Class 37 area sales representative exclusive model was announced in May in the form of Class 37/0 No. 37142 in Engineers Grey livery. Available with (32-788DBDS) and without (32-788DB) sound, you can find details of where to purchase this model here.

Class 37/0 No. 37142 was one of a handful of locomotives to receive the original Engineers Grey livery whilst operating in the South & West of England and South Wales. BR Engineers Grey was the initial livery applied to locomotives allocated to the Civil Engineer pool as part of the sectorisation process. Shortly after introduction, the livery was revised with the addition of a yellow body-side band to become the so called ‘Dutch livery’ – applied to stock and locomotives used in the Engineers fleet. Withdrawal came in 1997 and in 2003 the locomotive moved to the Bodmin & Wenford Railway where it is now operational once again, resplendent in BR Blue livery.

Above: Class 37/0 No. 37104 in Railfreight Triple Grey (General Sector) with Cockney Sparrow

The final model to be announced was No. 37104 in Railfreight Triple Grey (General Sector) with Cockney Sparrow which is available with (32-775NFDS) and without (32-775NF) sound.

Following Railfreight’s rebranding in 1987 and the introduction of the six sub-sectors, No. 37104 was an early recipient of the new Triple Grey livery and was one of only a few locomotives to carry the Railfreight General sector decals. Being allocated to Stratford, the locomotive also carried the depot’s distinctive Cockney Sparrow motif on the body-sides.No. 37104 later joined the Engineers fleet before withdrawal in 2000, following which it was scrapped. Available from Bachmann retailers inside the M25 (London), find more information about this model by reading our previous story.

Above: Class 37/5 No. 37685 in BR InterCity livery

Completing the lineup of area sales representative exclusive Class 37s is No. 37685 in BR InterCity livery which will also be available both with (32-392RJDS) and without (32-392RJ) sound. We’re expecting the livery sample for this model shortly and we’ll share this with you when it arrive, but in the meantime click here to find out where to purchase this model.

Former Class 37/0 No. 37234 emerged from Crewe Works as No. 37685 in Railfreight Red Stripe livery in March 1987 following conversion to a Class 37/5. The loco remained in this livery for six years until June 1993 when it was transferred to the then new IISA pool for Inverness based Class 37s allocated to InterCity services. Prior to taking up its new role, No. 37685 received an overhaul at Doncaster Works, emerging in InterCity ‘Swallow’ livery. Once released from Doncaster it would see use working on the Sleeper Trains between Inverness and Edinburgh.

The use of Class 37s on Sleeper services was fairly short lived and by April 1995 No. 37685 had ceased to be required at Inverness, but subsequently saw use for several more years. No. 37685 still survives today and is currently in use with West Coast Railways, carrying their Maroon livery.

With the release of each model now getting nearer, contact a Bachmann Stockist in the relevant area to pre-order yours today!