The name’s Bond, Freightliner Bond

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One of our sound locomotives which features in our Branchline OO scale range is our model of Class 57 No. 57007 ‘Freightliner Bond’ in Freightliner livery (32-753DS). This highly detailed model includes features such as etched name-plates and roof profile grilles, directional and interior lighting and sound. Contact your local stockist to purchase your model now!

Above: 32-753DS – Class 57 No. 57007 ‘Freightliner Bond’ in Freightliner livery

As with all of our factory fitted sound models, in both N & OO scale, the sound features on this Class 57 locomotive are not only restricted to DCC layouts. A selected range of sound effects will play on analogue layouts bringing a new level of realism to your model railway – whether it’s DCC or analogue controlled. Watch our video below to hear the full range of sounds available when using the model on DCC!

The British Rail Class 57 is a re-engineer locomotive, rebuilt by Brush Traction at Loughborough from redundant Class 47 locomotives between 1997-2004. Enthusiasts have nicknamed the locomotives ‘Bodysnatchers’ because the body of the Class 47 has been stripped, rewired and re-engined. They are fitted with a refurbished General Motors engine and a reconditioned alternator to improve reliability and performance. In 1997, Freightliner places an order for six Class 57/0 locomotives, with the first being released in 1998. 12 named locomotives were built, including Freightliner Bond, and finished in the company’s distinct green and yellow livery.

We have a wide selection of other models carrying the Freightliner livery in our Branchline OO scale range including:

  • 32-121 – Class 08 No. 08624 in Freightliner Powerhaul livery
  • 32-981 – Class 66 No. 66416 in Freightliner Powerhaul livery
  • 31-590 – Class 70 No. 70015 in Freightliner livery
  • 32-612 – Class 90 No, 90042 in Freightliner Powerhaul livery
  • 38-032A – 100 Tonne HHA Bogie Hopper Wagon ‘Freightliner Heavy Haul’

Create the perfect shed scene to store your diesel locomotives in with the help of our Scenecraft range. With the addition of the Diesel Fueling Point (44-040), Fuel Storage Tank (44-016), Modern Serving Depot (44-017) and the Mechanical Wash Plant (44-184) to your layout, you can add the high quality detail that makes the difference.