Important Narrow Gauge Information

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With the launch of our new Narrow Gauge OO9 scale Baldwin locomotives, you may be asking which control system to use with these models. The technology used is similar to that found in our current range of Farish N scale models, as with the Farish range we recommend using a modern control system for operating these OO9 locomotives.

Above: 391-027, Baldwin Class 10-12D Open Cab ‘Peggy’ Ashover Railway

For analogue users, we recommend the Bachmann Train Control & Transformer (36-565), or other analogue controllers with a similar specification to this. Customers using DCC need look no further than our Next18 DCC Decoder (36-567) which fits neatly into the Next18 socket fitted to the model. We advise not to use any kind of feedback controller with our Narrow Gauge locomotives. Make sure you have your equipment ready so you can enjoy your Baldwin locomotives straight away!

Above: (left) 36-565, Bachmann Train Control & Transformer and (right) 36-567, Next18 DCC Decoder

To purchase any of the featured products, please contact your local Bachmann stockist. For future updates on Bachmann products, keep an eye out on our news blog.