Aim high with the new Howitzer Artillery Gun

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We recently received shipment of the Thunder Model British 7.2 inch Howitzer (PKTHU35211) in 1:35 scale. The plastic assembly kit, which has a RRP of £41.99, comes with over 140 parts, basic ammo & artillery equipment, plastic moulded tyres, photo etched detailed sheet & decals.

The BL 7.2 inch Howitzer was a heavy artillery gun used throughout World War II by the British Army. Shortly after the start of the Second World War, the British Army realised that the WW1 BL 8 inch Howiter, the only heavy Howitzer available, had inadequate range for the conditions of World War II. As a temporary solution, the 8 inch guns were re-lined to 7.2 inches and the orginal steel rimmed wheels were replaced with new balloon tyre wheels. The new four charge ammunition increased the range to 16,900 yards, but when fired the recoil caused the weapon to jump back violently. To solve this, ramps were placed behind the wheels to lessen the back lash.

The British 7.2 inch Howitzer can be easily mounted behind the Scammell Pioneer R100 Heavy Artillery Tractor (PKTHU35202) just like it would have been in real life. Head to your local stockist to purchase your kit.