Da Vinci Machines & Educational Kits

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All these machines and kits are:
• Easy Assembly • No Glue Required • No Painting Required •
•No Batteries Required (except PKAY18141 Spider and PKAY18156 Kayak) •

PKAY18129 Da Vinci Self-Propelling Cart

The first robot-cart in history designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Spring powered.

RRP: £13.99

PKAY18136 Da Vinci Armoured Car

Armoured Combat vehicles designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Operated by mechanical spring.

RRP: £14.99

PKAY18137 Da Vinci Catapult

Catapult used for seige warfare designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Like a crossbow, Catapult force is obtained from two flexible limbs and ropes.

RRP: £16.99

PKAY18138 Mechanical Drum

Mechanical Drum designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Changing the positions of the cams will change the rhythm and beat of the drum. Assemble two ways- As a cart or as a stand.

RRP: £14.99

PKAY18142 Springarde

Reproduced retractable cannon designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Launcher with adjustable angle. Actual loading and shooting possible.

RRP: £13.99

PKAY18146 Flying Machine

Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine inspired by birds. The wings move by converting rotary motion to reciprocating motion.

RRP: £12.99

PKAY18150 Clock

The clock uses the pendulum’s weight as it’s power source. Power is harnessed from a horizontal rotary pendulum design. Clock speed is controlled by adjusting the weight and balance of the pendulum. Assemble the clock in either a wall mounted or standing configuration.

RRP: £14.99

PKAY18153 Arch Self-supporting Bridge

Model demonstrates basic bridge engineering principles.

RRP: £13.99

Model uses the laws of motion and a “flying” pendulum escapement to keep accurate time.

RRP: £14.99

Replica of Da Vanci’s Aerial Screw design, a forerunner of the modern helicopter.

RRP: £11.99

PKAY18175 Leverage Crane

Uses a reciprocating lever, wheels and gears to lift objects!

RRP: £14.99

PKAY18131 Pumping Engine

Gain an understanding of the 19th Century Water Pumping Engine used during the Industrial Revolution.

RRP: £15.99

Gives an understanding of the process in which wind is converted into power. Adjustable maximum speed subject to wind velocity and direction by selective winds. Suitable teching material for science education, club activity and group event.

RRP: £14.99

Eight multi-jointed legs accurately duplicate the walking movement of real spiders. Two assembly choices to change the stride length and gait.(1 x AA Battery required)

RRP: £16.99

PKAY18156 Kayak Robot

Demonstrates link and joint mechanisms. Helps develop creativity and concentration.
(1 x AA Battery required)

RRP: £14.99