Chopper Replica – the perfect retro gift idea for Christmas

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Do you remember…

platform shoes and flares?

pounds, shillings and pence?

watching “The Golden Shot”?

taping the Top 10 on a C60 cassette?

the bike that everyone wanted?

If the answer is YES then we might have the perfect gift idea for you! Lets go back to the sensational 70’s with our highly detailed 1:12 scale die-cast model replica of the groovy Chopper Mk 1 Bicycle from Toyway.

TW41600 Chopper Mk1 Bicycle in a choice of ‘Golden Yellow’ or ‘Brilliant Orange’


• New tooling
• Die-cast metal frame and chrome plated plastic parts
• Working steering and pedal/chain movement
• PVC vinyl black tyres with detailed tread pattern
• Available in 2 authentic retro colours; Brilliant Orange and Golden Yellow
• 1 style, 2 colourways

ITEM NO: TW41600
SCALE: 1:12
RRP: £16.95

If you’re looking to surprise and delight a true retro and vintage fan, we think that this would make the perfect Christmas gift. The Chopper is a fantastic blast from the past to rekindle childhood memories!

During the lockdown, all stores have had to close. Many are now offering an online/telephone service, so you can still get your hands on this fantastic model! Choose your nearest here: