ModelMaker – the right tools for the job!

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Once again, we find ourselves with time on our hands and nowhere to go, so let’s get modelling! But where do you start? It all starts with the right tools and ModelMaker has a great selection of tools to help get you modelling!

The ModelMaker 25 Piece Essential Model Maker Tool Set (MM014) is ideal for model making & craft projects. It comes in a handy aluminium case for protection and carefully keeps the tools in place. Please note, not to be sold to persons under 18 years of age.

MM014 25 Piece Essential Model Maker Tool Set

Set includes:

  • Snipe nose pliers
  • Side cutter
  • No. 1 knife
  • No. 5 knife
  • 2 x No. 11 blades
  • 2 x No. 18 blades
  • Saw blade
  • Flat diamond file
  • Bent nose tweezers
  • Sharpening/Sanding block
  • 5 x Sanding sheets (120 grit)
  • A5 cutting mat
  • 3 x Watchmakers Phillips screwdrivers (No. 00,0,1)
  • Watchmakers AWL
  • 3 x Watchmakers Slotted screwdrivers (No. 1.0, 1.8, 3.0)

The ModelMaker Helping Hands & Magnifier (MM001) is a useful and versatile device ideal for holding items in position during assembly, soldering, painting and more. The various magnifiers included can help reduce eye strains and make precision & miniature work much easier.

MM001 Helping Hands & Magnifier

• Holds objects at any angle to leave both hands free

• Heavy base to avoid tipping

• Ball joint for easy adjustment

• x2 Magnification

Try the ModelMaker LED Head Magnifier with 5 Lenses (MM013) for close-up precision work, leaving your hands free! This set includes 5 interchangeable optical lenses & detachable twin bulb LED spotlight. For close-up professional, craft, hobby or DIY projects.

MM013 LED Head Magnifier with 5 Lenses

Magnification 1.0x working distance 250 – 350mm (10 – 14”)
Magnification 1.5x working distance 200 – 300mm (8 – 12”)
Magnification 2.0x working distance 175 – 275mm (7 – 11”)
Magnification 2.5x working distance 125 – 250mm (5 – 10”)
Magnification 3.5x working distance 75 – 125mm (3 – 5”)

These fantastic modelling tools are available to purchase today, order yours from a Bachmann stockist now!