Bulleid Brilliance

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Engineering Prototypes for the Bachmann Branchline Bulleid Coaches were recently unveiled

We recently gave members of the Bachmann Collectors Club an exclusive first look at the samples for our all-new Bachmann Branchline OO scale Bulleid Coaches, and we’re now delighted to share these with you as well.

The models we see here are the first engineering samples but even still, we’re really blown away by them and we’re sure you will be too. These all-new Branchline models cover a number of different vehicle types and have been designed to portray them at each stage of their operating life.

Each model features a wealth of detail including separately fitted components such as roof vents, lamp irons, toilet filler & overflow pipework and the portrayal of a complete vacuum pipe-run between the sockets at each end of the vehicles. The bogies incorporate electrical pickups, brake details and footsteps as appropriate whilst authentic interiors are also included along with full underframe gear.

Era specific details incorporated into each vehicle type include:

Window Ventilators: original 10 inch vents or later 15 inch vents (plus the corresponding toilet window ventilators – original horizontal-opening vents or later vertical-opening)

Bodysides: As-built or with later reinforcing strips added

Braking System: Original single vacuum cylinder or twin cylinder system

Battery Boxes: Multiple positions and Bulleid or BR Mk1 type

Dynamo: Bulleid or BR Mk1 type

Footboards and bogie footsteps: Multiple lengths and positions

Guard’s Handrails: Two or One / Short or Long

Four vehicle types can be found in the current Bachmann Branchline range:

Brake Third Semi-Open

This sample displays 10 in. window ventilators, bodyside reinforcing strips, two short guard’s handrails and Bulleid Dynamo & Battery Boxes

Composite Corridor

This example has 10 in. window ventilators and Bulleid Dynamo & Battery Boxes

Third Corridor

This Corridor Third features 15 in. window ventilators, bodyside reinforcing strips and BR Mk1 Dynamo & Battery Boxes

Brake Composite

The final prototype displays 10 in. window ventilators, bodyside reinforcing strips, a single long guard’s handrail and Bulleid Dynamo & Battery Boxes

Find details of all the forthcoming Bulleid Coaches here.

These models were first unveiled during our virtual Members Lounge which was produced exclusively for members of the Bachmann Collectors Club. Membership to the Bachmann Collectors Club provides a host of benefits, from our excellent Bachmann Times magazine – the only place to get our quarterly British Railway Announcements Catalogue – to the range of Limited Edition models produced solely for Club members. Find out more and Join Today by visiting the Club website now.