Product Highlight: Upcoming Class 37 Models

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Arriving soon to the Bachmann Branchline range are several more variants of our new Class 37 models in OO scale.

Every Bachmann Branchline Class 37 includes the following features:

  • Five-Pole Twin-Shaft Motor that provides All-Axle Drive
  • Die-Cast Metal Chassis, Bogie Towers and Gearboxes
  • Plux22 DCC decoder interface
  • Separately applied metal detail parts, including grab handles, windscreen wipers and etched fan grilles
  • Sprung metal buffers
  • NEM362 standard coupling pockets
  • Directional lighting, including headlights and high intensity headlights where applicable
  • Dual Fitted speaker system
  • Accessory Pack containing model-specific accessory parts

There are also SOUND FITTED versions, which include all of these features along with a Zimo MS450P22 DCC Sound Decoder. Taking advantage of the Dual Fitted speaker system, each sound decoder has been programmed with an exclusive sound project that corresponds to the specific Class 37 sub-class that the model represents. 

For an even more realistic experience, we have SOUND FITTED DELUXE versions which have motorised roof fans in addition to all the features listed for the standard and SOUND FITTED versions. The front windows on these versions also have tinted glazing which can be seen on our previously released Bachmann Collectors Club exclusive variant 35-335KSFX (pictured above).

All versions of these models have further individual detailing that corresponds to the locomotive’s real life appearance. The full details can be seen in more detail on the individual product pages, along with the full details of the behaviour and features available to the SOUND FITTED and SOUND FITTED DELUXE variations.


35-302 – Class 37/0 Split Headcode D6710 BR Green (Late Crest)

Our first new Class 37 is 35-302, which depicts Class 37/0 No. D6710 in BR Green with a late crest. This model is also available with SOUND FITTED as 35-302SF and SOUND FITTED DELUXE as 35-302SFX.

The model has lots of features from the real locomotive’s original appearance, including the buffer beam valance, windscreen, open boiler port and safety valves, speedo drive, water filler door and the tanks for both water and fuel. Each end has round Oleo buffers and split headcode boxes, which in this case read ‘1 37’ and ‘1 51’. 

There are English Electric Cantrail Grilles towards the top of the model and the roof has detailing that represents the double rows of rivets used on the original locomotive.


35-306 – Class 37/0 No. D6829 BR Green with Small Yellow Panels

The next models depict Class 37/0 No. D6829, for which the standard version is 35-306. There is a SOUND FITTED version available under product code is 35-306SF, and the SOUND FITTED DELUXE version which is 35-306SFX.

Like the model above, this model has many original Class 37 features such as the buffer valance and windscreen, as well as being decorated in BR Green with a late crest. However, this model has small yellow warning panels at each end, along with Western Region lamp brackets, corner handrails and centre panels which display the headcodes ‘2B79’ and ‘9A76’.

Once again, the roof displays an open boiler port but the boiler roof is welded rather than riveted. Also unlike the first model, there are roof mounted horns above the cab on each end of the locomotive.


35-307 Class 37/0 No. 37194 ‘British Int. Freight Assoc.’

Our third set of models depict Class 37/0 No. 37194, which has been named ‘British International Freight Association’. The standard version of this product is available as product code 35-307, with the SOUND FITTED version as 35-307SF and the SOUND FITTED DELUXE version as 35-307SFX.

These models are decorated in BR Railfreight Distribution Sector grey, with full yellow warning panels at each end. The model still has the original windscreen, but the buffer valance has now been removed and the buffers themselves are oval shaped. The centre headcode box has been plated with marker lights.

Further differences from the other two models can be seen on the sides and roof, such as the Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns Cantrail Grilles with additional upright strengthening bars. The bogies are now cast rather than fabricated, while various other parts have been sealed or plated over. 


35-308 – Class 37/0 No. 37201 ‘St. Margaret’

Our next set of models are of Class 37/0 No. 37201, which has been named ‘Saint Margaret’. The standard version is product code 35-308, whereas SOUND FITTED is 35-308SF and the SOUND FITTED DELUXE version is 35-308SFX.

These models are decorated in the darker BR Engineers Grey and Yellow livery. The ends of the locomotive have been fitted with High Intensity Headlights and a National Radio Network (NRN) aerial.

Similar to the first two models, the Cantrail Grilles are back to the English Electric type. Both bogies are different from each other, with the number one end having been fabricated and the number two end having been cast and fitted with a speedo drive. 


35-338 Class 37/4 No. 37414 ‘Cathays C&W Works 1846-1993’

Our penultimate model is Class 37/4 No. 37414, which has been given the name ‘Cathays C&W Works 1846-1993’. The standard version is 35-338, while the SOUND FITTED version is 35-338SF and the SOUND FITTED DELUXE version is 35-338SFX.

These models are decorated in the BR Regional Railways Blue livery, with a plated centre headcode panel, high intensity headlight and NRN aerial. No. 37414 also sports nose-mounted Electric Train Heating (ETH) equipment at each end.

Much like the other models, the upper sides of this model feature the English Electric Cantrail Grilles, while the boiler roof has welded construction with plated over boiler port and safety values. Both bogies are cast, and there are two fuel tanks which each have a single gauge on one side.


35-310 – Class 37/0 No. 37175 Colas Rail

Heading into the post-privatisation era now, our final model is 35-310 which depicts Class 37/0 No. 37175. The SOUND FITTED version of this model is 35-310SF and the SOUND FITTED DELUXE version is 35-310SFX.

These models are decorated in Colas Rail Freight’s orange and yellow livery. Unlike the previous models described above, these have reinforced windscreens and modern electrical safety signs.

This model again features a welded boiler roof, plated boiler port and English Electric Cantrail Grilles. Between the cast bogies are new extended range fuel tanks with a joined drain pipe.



These new models are currently expected to reach our warehouse within the next few months, and will be available at retailers soon after. To see the entire range of OO Scale Class 37s that are already available or upcoming, please click on the button below.



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