New Arrivals – OO LNER Teak Coaches

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We are delighted to announce the arrival to the Bachmann Warehouse of a further two of our OO LNER Teak Thompson Coaches, 34-410 & 34-435, which are currently being readied for dispatch to our stockists!

Above: 34-410, Thompson Composite Corridor LNER Teak  Length 249mm

Above: 34-435, Thompson Composite Brake Coach LNER Teak  Length 264mm

Shortly after the appointment of Edward Thompson as Chief Mechanical Engineer, the LNER implemented a post-war building program of over 4,000 coaches to replenish their outdated rolling stock. With suitable materials scarce to continue manufacturing Thompson’s predecessor, Nigel Greasley’s Teak coaches, Thompson designed a new series of all steel corridor coaches. These new designs were revised several times due to further material shortages and the coaches were finally built from 1947 to 1950 with steel bodies over teak frames. The bodies were then painted with a simulated Teak finish to help match that of the existing LNER coach stock.


Above: 34-385, Thompson Third Class Corridor LNER Teak  Length 264mm

Above: 34-485, Thompson First Class Corridor LNER Teak  Length 264mm

34-410 & 34-435, join our previously released 34-385 & 34-485, all of which feature refined tooling, giving an improved roof profile shape, a highly detailed authentic representation of wood grain effect, flush glazed windows, close coupling system, detailed ridge corridor gangway and separately attached roof vents, making them the perfect addition to your layout!

                           Above: 34-460, Thompson Third Class Brake Corridor LNER Teak  Length: 264mm

The last in the set 34-460 a Third Class Brake Corridor will be delivered to our warehouse very soon, keep an eye on our site for more information!

Order yours now from your local Bachmann Stockist!