Graham Farish 2018 New Releases

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We are delighted to be able to show you the latest new tooling and tooling refinements for locomotives in our Graham Farish N Scale range, ensuring that our Graham Farish range sees a good selection of new releases for 2018! The name Graham Farish has been synonymous with N scale model railways for nearly fifty years and as part of the Bachmann family of products, it is now the largest and most complete range you’ll find anywhere.


372-934DS N Class No. 1823 in Southern Railway Lined Maunsell Green (DCC Sound)


The popular N class model by Graham Farish has seen revisions to the tender tooling to provide a Next 18 DCC decoder socket and space for Digital Sound to be fitted. This year sees the much requested southern livery fitted with smoke deflectors for the first time.



Benefitting from an upgrade chassis from the refurbished class 31, we are pleased to offer the original class 31 with the same specification for ease of Digital Sound fitting.

372-261DS No. 47727 ‘Rebecca’ Colas Rail (OO Model Shown)

NEW TOOLING – Class 47

This year we are adding to our range of class 47 models and are now going to offer an all new ‘extended range’ class 47. During the 1990s a number of class 47/4s were fitted with long range fuel tanks and RCH jumper cables for working mail and parcels trains, becoming class 47/7. Those locomotives fitted with just the extended fuel tanks for passenger work become class 47/8. We will be producing these locomotives for the first time with a ‘Crewe cut’ buffer beam.


We have chosen to completely overhaul our existing class 158 tooling for 2018. The new models will include:

  • Independently switchable directional lighting.
  • Detailed interiors with passenger saloon lighting.
  • Pre-fitted speakers for ease of Digital Sound installation.
  • Multiple detail variations relevant to the specific unit modelled.

371-742 6-Car Unit BR Western Pullman Grey/Blue

REVISED TOOLING – Western Pullman 6-Car DEMU

Metropolitan Cammell (Birmingham) built 2, 6-car Pullman Diesel Multiple Units between 1959 and 1960. The two 6-car units worked between London St. Pancras and Manchester on the Blue Pullman service. Following electrification of the West Coast Main Line, Pullman services between London and Manchester transferred to the new electric railway for which new coaches were built. The two units were transferred to the Western Region in 1966 where they worked alongside 3, 8-car units.  The former Midland Region units were fitted with cables on the cab front to enable the two units to be coupled together and they received a revised BR livery adopted for Pullman services of grey and blue (reversed corporate livery).  All units were withdrawn in May 1973.

We have revised our existing Pullman tooling to allow the later Western Region version of the 6-car former Blue Pullman unit to be modelled, as working on the Western Region of British Rail (1966 to 1973).

  • Fully detailed cab and passenger interiors.
  • Accessory pack includes full buffer-beam detail and semi-permanent close couplings.

NEW TOOLING – Class 450

The Class 450 is a member of the Siemens Desiro family for which Graham Farish already produce the Class 350 variants. The Class 450 EMUs were built by Siemens for South West Trains. A total of 127 four-car units are currently in traffic on South Western Railway long distance routes in and out of London Waterloo (since 20th August 2017).

  • Detailed pantograph well.
  • Illuminated destination blinds.
  • Switchable directional lighting.

Keep an eye out at your local Bachmann stockist for the new 2018 Graham Farish catalogue which includes details of all of these exciting new products and much, much more!

Further highlights from the 2018 range will appear on our website in the coming weeks.