Trumpeter Titanic docking soon!

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Trumpeter Titanic docking soon!

TITANICThe Queen of the Ocean

Although its real-life counterpart sadly didn’t reach its destination, we will see the much anticipated 1:200 scale Trumpeter Titanic kit (PKTM03719) docking with us at Bachmann warehouse at the start of 2020. This fantastic kit also features a full LED lighting system (worth £30), bringing another dimension of detail to the final built model.

Titanic with LED Light Set (PKTM03719)

Titanic with LED Light Set
PKTM03719            1:200 Scale

  What’s in the box?  

  • New tooling
  • Single-piece hull
  • Includes bonus LED lighting set worth £30
  • Photo-etch railings & ladders
  • L: 1347mm W: 144mm
  • Total parts: 1280+

RRP: £399.99                   AVAILABLE: January/February 2020

    At over 1.3 metres in length, this truly is a “Titanic” kit!    

Don’t be disappointed: Order yours now from your local Bachmann stockist