Sprinting Towards Christmas

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The first NEW TOOLING Branchline OO Class 158s are on their way! The first of these highly anticipated models have recently arrived into our warehouse and have now been shipped to Bachmann stockists around the country.

Features Include –

  • Low level drive mechanism, underframe mounted beneath the saloon floor, meaning the vehicle interiors are fully modelled
  • Both cars are motorised – the motor is housed within the motor detailing and drives the inner bogie of each vehicle as in real life
  • Functional BSI couplings on the outer ends, by which two units can be mechanically joined to run together
  • Full array of lighting functions including: Interior, Cab, Directional with Day/Night Modes, Back-lit Destination Panels, Door Interlock Lights
  • Switches on underframe for non-DCC users to control the lighting functions
  • Full Interior Detail – including etched luggage racks, all decorated in appropriate colour schemes for each livery/era including seats, flooring and partitions
  • Easy Access DCC Decoder Fitting (first Bachmann Branchline model to feature the Plux22 interface) – decoder socket is located under a clip-fit panel on the underframe
  • Conductive close-coupling between cars means just one decoder is required per unit
  • Factory-fitted Speaker ready to accept Sound Decoder (SOUND FITTED versions of each model are available – ‘SF’ suffix to item number)

31-517  Class 158 2-Car DMU 158849 BR Regional Railways

31-517DS  Class 158 2-Car DMU 158849 BR Regional Railways SOUND FITTED

31-518  Class 158 2-Car DMU 158773 East Midlands Trains

31-518SF  Class 158 2-Car DMU 158773 East Midlands Trains SOUND FITTED

31-519  Class 158 2-Car DMU 158766 GWR Green (FirstGroup)

31-519SF  Class 158 2-Car DMU 158766 GWR Green (FirstGroup) SOUND FITTED

These models are arriving with stockists now, with further stock arriving in the New Year along with our own Plux22 Decoder:

36-570  Plux22 Decoder (Brake Button Enabled) RRP: £34.95