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31-520 Class 159 3-Car DMU 159013 BR Network SouthEast (Revised)

The first NEW TOOLING Bachmann Branchline OO Class 159 Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) are on their way! The much anticipated models will be available in the next few weeks, so please contact your local Bachmann stockist to reserve your models now!

Features include –

  • Prototypical, scale-length 3-car units comprising outer driving cars and an intermediate vehicle
  • Low level drive mechanism, underframe-mounted beneath the saloon floor of the outer (driving) cars; the model has been re-tooled literally from the railhead upwards
  • Vehicle interiors are now depicted in full and there is no intrusion into the saloon area from the chassis block as in the previous model
  • Both driving cars are motorised – the motors are accommodated within the gearbox detailing on the underframe; a cardan shaft drive smoothly and quietly delivers power to both axles of the inner bogie
  • Functional BSI couplings are provided on the outer ends, by which two units can be mechanically joined to run together
  • Full array of lighting functions with DCC including: Interior, Cab, Directional with Day/Night Modes, Back-lit Destination Panels, Door Interlock Lights. Non-DCC users also have access to a smaller range of lighting functions.
  • Subtly tinted, prototypical saloon windows
  • A wealth of separately fitted detail parts
  • Full and faithful reproduction of all Network South East livery details including labels and notices as listed in the prototype labelling schedule, encompassing both the unit’s body and underframe
  • Switches on underframe for non-DCC users to control the lighting functions
  • Full interior decoration in appropriate colours for the era depicted, including seats, tables, flooring and partitions; etched luggage racks are also fitted
  • Easy-access DCC Decoder Fitting (like the Class 158s, the model features the Plux22 interface); the decoder socket is located under a clip-fit panel on the chassis
  • Conductive close-coupling between cars means just one decoder is required per unit
  • Factory-fitted Speaker ready to accept Sound decoder (a SOUND FITTED version is also available – ‘SF’ suffix to item number)
A close-up of our Class 159 DMU solebar & underframe section showcasing the extra level of detail and accuracy we strive to obtain on all Bachmann models.
Door interlock lights are controlled by DCC, SOUND FITTED models even have a door opening/closing sequence with realistic sound effects including the distinctive hustle alarm. Model shown is a Class 158 DMU with equivalent features and functions.
As with the Class 158s, the BSI couplings fitted to the outer ends of each model not only look realistic, they’re operational too allowing two units to be coupled together.
Model shown is a Class 158 DMU with equivalent features and functions.

Available as –

31-520 Class 159 3-Car DMU 159013 BR Network SouthEast (Revised)

31-520SF Class 159 3-Car DMU 159013 BR Network SouthEast (Revised) SOUND FITTED

The SOUND FITTED version of the Class 159 features in this video from Hornby Magazine, click the link and listen to the realistic sounds for yourself –

The Branchline Class 159 DMU uses the latest DCC decoder technology – Plux22 – and the socket is located beneath a clip-on chassis section on Car A. We have added a Plux22 decoder (36-570) to our range of DCC decoders and this is available now. The decoder is manufactured by ZIMO and features –

  • 1.2 Amp motor/total current (2.5 Amp peak)
  • 9 Function outputs + 2 Servo control outputs
  • Connections for stay-alive capacitor
  • Railcom
  • Brake button enabled
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 15 x 3.5mm

With a speaker pre-fitted to each model, it’s never been easier to fit DCC or even better, Sound to your model. Make it even easier by selecting the SOUND FITTED model which comes pre-fitted and ready for you to enjoy the full array of sound and lighting functions straight out of the box!

36-570  Plux22 Decoder (Brake Button Enabled)