Woodland Scenics – US & UK Flags

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Woodlands Scenics have just announced a range of highly detailed US & UK flags, in their Just Plug range, which are perfect for adding that patriotic touch to your layout or diorama!

For the UK modeller there is The Medium Union Jack Flag Pole WJP5959 which stands at 4.13″/105mm tall making it perfect for use on any OO/HO layout. 

WJP5959 Medium Union Jack Flag Pole

Each flag comes complete with a pole topped with a ball-style finial and includes a rope and cleat. Also included is a Just Plug Spotlight to add that extra touch of realism by highlighting the Flag.

If it’s American dream that you are modelling are also three sizes of US Flag Pole available. Just Plug Small Flag Pole US WJP5950 (2.24″/57mm), Just Plug Medium Flag Pole US WJP5951 (4.13″/105mm) & Just Plug Large Flag Pole US WJP5952 (7.48″/190mm).

Both US & UK Just Plug Flag pole packs include:

  • 1 Flag & Pole
  • 1 Warm White LED Spotlight
  • 1 Pigtail Wire
  • 1 Splicer Plug

If it is your building that you want to add a tough of Old Gory to then Woodland scenes have also got you coved, with their range of Just Plug Wall Mounted US Flags

Wall Mounts are available in three sizes and work for multiple scales – Small Wall Mount Flag US WJP5953 (0.535/13.6mm), Medium Wall Mount Flag US WJP5954 (1.039″/26.4mm), Large Wall Mount Flag US WJP5955 (2.047″/52mm).

Flag Detail, each flag has been hand folded to give added realism!

They feature a United States flag hanging from a metal pole and a mounting bracket. Display your flag outside your home, church, small business, or on the buildings down Main Street.

US Just Plug Flag Wall Mounted Flags include:

  • 1 Flag & Wall Mount
  • 1 Warm White LED Spotlight
  • 1 Pigtail Wire
  • 1 Splicer Plug

Just Plug UK & US Flags Set to arrive in the UK in October pre-order today from your local Woodland Scenics stockist