PluX22 DCC Decoders

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We have added a PluX22 decoder (36-570) to our range of DCC decoders and this is available to purchase from Bachmann retailers now. The PluX interface offers up to nine separately operable power function outputs, so for models such as the OO scale Class 158 and Class 159 DMUs which feature directional, cab, interior and door interlocking lights, plus the option of Sound, the PluX interface is a real advantage.

PluX is an interchangeable system with decoders available with PluX8, PluX12, PluX16 and PluX22 plugs, each featuring an index pin so that any one of these can be plugged into the PluX socket to best suit your needs. With PluX, the pins are located on the decoder, with an index pin to ensure that the decoder cannot be fitted incorrectly.

The following forthcoming Bachmann Branchline models have been developed to use the PluX22 interface –

  • Class 20/3
  • Class 117 DMU
  • Class 121 Railcar
  • Class 158 DMU
  • Class 159 DMU

36-570 PluX22 Loco Decoder

  • 1.2 Amp motor / total current (2.5 Amp peak)
  • 9 Function outputs + 2 Servo control outputs
  • Connections for stay-alive capacitor
  • Railcom
  • Brake Button enabled
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 15 x 3.5 mm