New Arrivals – Roden plastic kits

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Our latest shipment from Roden has arrived and with it we see two brand new plastic kits. For aviation modellers we have the Convair B-36B Peacemaker (Early) kit in 1:144 scale and for those with an interest in modelling the WW1 era we have the WW1 Type B Omnibus “Pigeon Loft” in 1:72 scale.

The Convair B-36 Peacemaker played a major role in the early years of the Cold War, taking the lead in preserving the balance of forces during great changes in the world’s geopolitical situation. The B-36 did not take part in any of the military conflicts of its time and never dropped its bomb load in actual conflict conditions. In subsequent years all B-36Bs were modified to the B-36D standard, and their operational use continued until the late 1950s. Only with the advent of another well-known bomber, the B-52, were they allowed to depart to a well-deserved retirement.

The 1:144 scale plastic kit (Item No.PKROD347) contains markings for 2 aircraft: Convair B-36B-1CF-44-92033 Peacemaker, USAF, 7th BG(H), Alaska, 1949; (2) Convair B-36B-1CF-44-92075 Peacemaker, USAF, 8th BG, Eielson AFB, February 1950.

A small number of London omnibuses were converted to Motor Mobile Lofts and used to transport carrier pigeons in the First World War. With imperfections in the new means of communication at the time, such as the trench wireless telegraph, the birds were were a fast and effective way of delivering important messages from command headquarters directly to military units in combat areas. Each Motor Mobile Loft could transport 60 to 75 birds in specially installed coops on the upper deck, which could be folded flat for travel. The lower saloon contained stores for feed and an office. Carrier pigeons were used almost until the final days of the war, and with the B Type buses played a very important role which helped save the lives of many soldiers of the Entente.

The 1:72 scale plastic kit (Item No.PKROD737) contains markings for two Pigeon Lofts: (1) №2229 ex-B2132, Western Front 1916; (2) №2257 ex-B2125, Western Front 1918.

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