Perfect Ballasting with Proses

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With modelling season in full swing why not make 2020 the year that you up your ballasting game with these easy to use Ballast Spreaders from Proses! 

These tools provide great coverage for your track and give you a fantastic finish for your model railway layout. The below video shows you how easy it is to ballast track with Proses Ballast Spreaders!

Proses manufacture a number of ballast spreading devices in different scales which combine a plastic hopper with slots that dispense a steady flow of ballast as the tool is moved along the track. These devices work best on straight and curved track but can also be used on points or crossings with extra care.

PBS-HO-01 HO/OO Ballast Spreader
PBS-HO-02 HO/OO Ballast Spreader Car w/Shut Off & Height Adjustment
PBS-HO-03 HO/OO Ballast Spreader Car & Ballast Glue Applicator Set
PBS-HO-04 HO/OO Ballast Spreader w/Shut Off Valve
PBS-N-01 N Ballast Spreader
PBS-O-01 O Ballast Spreader 2-Rail
PBS-G1 Ballast Spreader for G & 1 Scales (45 mm/1.772 inch)

These fantastic modelling tools are available to purchase today, find your local Bachmann Stockist by clicking the link below!