5,4,3,2,1 AiP is GO!

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We are pleased to announce our new brand Adventures In Plastic (AiP) which provides nostalgic plastic model kits for the discerning collector and modeller alike.

Sure to be popular and rekindle many childhood memories, AiP launches with a range of ThunderbirdsTM plastic kits, produced under licence from ITV.

Our FAB range of kits comprise 11 vehicles from the classic TV show, featuring the main 5 rescue vehicles:

The range also includes the supersonic airliner Fireflash as well as fan favourite rescue vehicle the Mole and Lady Penelope’s FAB 1:

Completing the range is a launch bay for Thunderbird 1, which includes a model of Thunderbird 1, a very cool Transparent Thunderbird 2 with an assortment of mini rescue vehicles and finally a launch bay for Thunderbird 2, which includes Thunderbird 2, 3 pods and a further assortment of mini vehicles:

Grab a piece of nostalgia from the ground breaking and eternally popular TV show now:

Description Product No Price
Thunderbird 1 AiP10001 £29.99
Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 4 AiP10002 £29.99
Thunderbird 3 AiP10003 £35.99
Thunderbird 4 AiP10004 £45.99
Thunderbird 5 and Thunderbird 3 AiP10005 £75.99
Fireflash AiP10006 £45.99
The Mole AiP10007 £45.99
FAB 1 AiP10008 £29.99
Thunderbird 1 Launch Bay AiP10009 £45.99
Transparent Thunderbird 2 AiP10010 £45.99
Thunderbird 2 Launch Bay AiP10011 £89.99