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Spring is in the air and here at Bachmann we have plenty of new arrivals to share with you from our ever increasing range of models, kits, tools and accessories.

First is another BACHMANN EXCLUSIVE –
Vulcan B2 XM607

We have worked with Easy Model to produce an exclusive 1:144 scale display model of this iconic aircraft. This particular model is based on Vulcan B2 XM607, which played a vital role during the Falklands War.

  • Pre-painted and assembled plastic model from Easy Model
  • Includes an inner sleeve created using the actual Vulcan training board images
  • Display stand included

New plastic model kits just in from HK Models:

B-17F Flying Fortress ‘Memphis Belle’
Markings for 2 USAF aircraft:
• B-17F 41-24485 ‘Memphis Belle’ DF-A
• B-17F 42-5360 ‘Old Faithful’ VK-G

Dornier Do 335 A-10 2 seat trainer
Choice of 3 markings for German, captured US and RAE Farnborough aircraft.

STOP PRESS! – Due in this week from HK Models:

Avro Lancaster B Mk I
Markings for 2 aircraft:
• W4118/ZN-Y, 106 Sqn RAF, Syerston December 1942
• R5868/PO-S, 467 Sqn RAAF, Waddington May 1994
L:648mm, W:443mm, Total parts: 362

New plastic model kits recently arrived from Trumpeter:

Russian Zil-135
Soviet design heavy 8×8 military transport.
12 sprues, cab & tyres, Choice of 2 markings
L: 269mm, W: 82mm
1:35 Scale

P-40M Warhawk  WWII fighter plane
Markings for:
SAAF Kittyhawk Mk III FR817 Lady Godiva        
7th IAP 43-5540 White 281 (Lend Lease)
11 sprues & photo etch
L: 322.3mm, W: 357.4mm, Total parts 140+
1:32 Scale

German Battleship Scharnhorst
Capital battlecruiser of the German Kriegsmarine.
25 sprues, hull, superstructure and decks
L: 1175mm, W: 150mm, Total parts 1600+
1:200 Scale

Russian Destroyer Taszkient 1942
Italian-built “Tashkent” destroyer nicknamed “Blue Beauty”. Built 1937. 
6 sprues, lower hull and deck
L: 399.1mm, W: 39.1mm, Total parts 220+
1:350 Scale

PLA Navy Type 051C Destroyer
Chinese Navy Lushou Class.
4 sprues, lower hull and superstructure, includes photo-etch
L: 220.6mm, W: 24.2mm, Total parts 110+
1:700 Scale

PLA Navy Type 052D Destroyer
Chinese Navy Luyang III Class.
5 sprues, Two-piece hull, Includes photo-etch
L: 223.5mm, W: 28.3mm, Total parts 90+
1:700 Scale

Chinese Army third generation main battle tank.
3 sprues, lower & upper hull and tracks
L: 125mm, W: 60mm, Total parts: 40+
1:72 Scale

Russian S-300V 9A84 SAM
Mobile air defence system mounted on a special tracked chassis.
21 sprues, upper & lower hull and missile
L: 305.8mm, W: 103.5mm, Total parts 930+
1:35 Scale

Ukraine T-64BM Bulat Main Battle Tank
Modernised T-64B with reactive armour, upgraded gun and night-sight.
22 sprues, lower hull and turret
L: 261mm, W: 110mm, Total parts 740+
1:35 Scale

New AFV Club plastic kit releases available now:

M1A1 155mm Long Tom Cannon (WW2 version)
Many new tooled parts including M2 limber, travelling lock & lanyard, sight & gun bolt, new rubber tyres.
1:35 Scale

US Army Workbench & Tool Set
New plastic injection kit includes 2 workbenches, 2 drawers (position open or closed), 2 stools, assorted hand tools (screwdriver, pliers, wrench, hammer etc), machine tools (bench clamp, grinder, drilling machine, air compressor), jerry cans, ammo box, photo-etch saw blade, wrench and toolbox.
1:35 Scale

Churchill Tank Mk VII
New tooled Mk VII hull & turret.
Hatches can be positioned open or closed. Decals for 6 paint schemes.
1:35 Scale

M109 155mm/L23 Howitzer

1:35 Scale

M109G 155mm/L23 German Self-propelled Howitzer

1:35 Scale

FV4005 Stage II (Centaur)
British Cold War concept tank destroyer. Stage 2 turret mounted on Centurion hull. New tooled parts include FV4005 Stage 2 enclosed turret, frontal armour, winch and rear spade, one-piece road wheels
Hatches can be displayed open or closed. Choice of 4 markings.
1:35 Scale

Patriot Launching Station & PAC-3 M91 Munition
Reboxed Trumpeter kit with new resin & photo-etch parts and decals for US Army & RoCAF.
1:35 Scale

IDF M38A1/CJ-5 Siyur + Toyar ¼ton 4×4
Israeli Siyur Reconnaissance Vehicle & Tolar Recoilless Rifle Vehicle.
New tool parts for vehicle toolkit, dashboard, MG mount and Tolar seats
Markings for Six Day War and Yom Kippur War
1:35 Scale

LCT 501-Class Detail-up Set
Detail kit for PKSE73518.
1:350 Scale

USA Landing Vehicle Set 2
New tooling. Set comprises 2-each GMC 353 Gas Tanker, M24 Chaffee, M19 Multiple GMC, M26 Pershing, M4 HST, M8 Light Armoured Car, M1 203mm Howitzer (transit), M1 203mm Howitzer (firing position), M1 155mm Long Tom (transit), M1 155mm Long Tom (firing position).
1:350 Scale

US Navy LCT Mk 6 (Landing Craft, Tank, 501 Class) 1943-45
New tool. Photo-etch screw blades and rudder. Bow ramp can be positioned closed or lowered. Markings for 8 boats.
• Can be used with PKSE73515 LST-1
• Detail kit available PKAG35052
1:350 Scale

US Navy LST-491 Class WW2 Landing Ship, Tank
New tooled bow foredeck and vehicle ramp. Ramp can be positioned closed or lowered. Bow doors can be positioned open or closed. Choose from three new tooled bridges. Detailed tank and vehicle deck. Markings for 6 boats.
1:350 Scale

Tools and accessories just in from Trumpeter MasterTools:

Bottle Holder

Keep tinlets and bottles in position on the bench while brushing paint or adhesive onto the model in progress. Holders can be linked together


16ml Round Bottle Holder


40ml Square Bottle Holder

Push-out round etch parts

Remove from backing sheet and glue to project for added detail. Gateless design, nippers not required

PKTM08071 Basic Etch Parts #1 Washer Design

PKTM08072 Basic Etch Parts #2 Disc Design

PKTM08073 Basic Etch Parts #3  Slot Design

PKTM08074 Basic Etch Parts #4 Circle + Bar Design