How to model grass scenes with Woodland Scenics

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Want to recreate the great outdoors in all its glory? You can’t do it without grass! To make the most realistic scenes possible, use the fantastic range of model scenery products from the Woodland Scenics Field System. The products are designed to make it easy to add texture and dimension while modelling meadows, fields and pastures with incredible realism. You don’t have to just limit it to countryside scenes, modelling grass can also add realism to overgrown industrial and urban scenes.

A wide range of colours and textures allows you to model any season or grassy landscape. All products are designed to work together, and each one includes simple-to-follow instructions to make modelling easy. Want to learn more? Take a look at this fantastic product overview video from Woodland Scenics –

Static Grass

Static Grass is a special material that stands upright when it is applied with the Static King®. For best results, blend multiple lengths and colours of Static Grass to replicate all phases of growth.

Available in a choice of four heights – 2, 4, 7 or 12mm. In a choice of 4 colours – light green, medium green, dark green or straw.

Plant Hues

Add extra details to your scene and model the appearance of seed heads with Plant Hues to create a subtle, variegated appearance for realistic fields and meadows. Use Plant Hues to emphasize contours with highlights and shadows.

Colours include: Golden, Wheat, Shadow Green, Red Switch.

Briar Patch

Easily model brambles, thickets and shrubbery with Briar Patch, a natural product. Available in 2 shades – Medium Green and Dry Brown.

Static King™

The Static King™ makes it easy to model large grassy areas and ensures Static Grass is applied vertically. Featuring an ergonomic design, it can be placed upside down for easy filling. It comes with different sieve sizes for creating a varied effect using 2-12 mm lengths of Static Grass. Inside the tool, a divider allows the use of multiple colours and sizes at the same time for modelling realistic fields and other tall grasses.

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