Make a Splash with Woodland Scenics®

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The Wonders of Woodland Scenics®

Now that the days are getting longer and spring has started to emerge here in the UK, the team at Bachmann HQ are all dreaming of sunny holidays somewhere warm and idyllic like the scene captured in the image below, isn’t it glorious!

Crate a watery wonderland with Woodland Scenics Water System
A Watery Wonderland by Woodland Scenics®

You would easily be forgiven for thinking this was a real life image taken at a sunny cove somewhere nice and warm, in fact is a scale model oasis created entirely from products from Woodland Scenics® ranges.

Unfortunately we can’t promise you a sunny escape to tropical climes but we can take you through the steps you will need to create an aquatic Idyll on your own layout or diorama and show you that it is actually very easy to add a realistic sea scape, river, pond or even a canal (submerged shopping trolly optional!) with the range offered by Woodland Scenics® Water System.

Water Undercoats : Colour & Seal

First off you will need to add colour and seal your base with Water Undercoats.

Use Water Undercoats to add realism and the illusion of depth. Use multiple colours to create authentic transitions between shallows and deeper areas.

Deep Pour Water : A Water Base

Part of the Water System range of products from Woodland Scenics® is the Deep Pour Water which helps modellers add depth to their water features. Pour half an inch at a time to add more depth and you can submerge items and debris on your layout too.

Available in two types, the clear water (WCW4510) is better suited to add depth and display underwater terrain. The murky version (WCW4511) is better to create any form of dirty water or where the seabed is of less interest.

  • Dries hard but will not crack
  • Non-shrinking
  • No discolouration
  • Customisable with other Water System products

Realistic Water : Go with the Flow

Use Realistic Water™ (WC1211) to model still or slow-moving water, such as ponds, rivers and lakes. It requires no mixing and can be poured straight from the bottle on to your water area. The product is self-levelling, water soluble, won’t crack and has minimal shrinkage. The surface dries clear and firm in approximately 24 hours, depending on humidity conditions. One bottle covers an area 17 inches (43.1cm) in diameter if poured to a depth of 1/8 inch (0.31cm).

  • Pour straight from the bottle
  • Self-levelling and has minimal shrinkage
  • Dries clear and firm in approximately 24 hours
  • Water soluble
  • Non-toxic

Realistic Water™ is fully customisable with any of the other Water System™ products, such as the coloured Water Undercoats.

Water Tints : Adding Some Colour

Water Tints make it easy to create natural shallows and depths. Use them with Deep Pour Water™, Realistic Water ™ or Surface Water™ to create authentic colours for your water feature. Mix more than one to create custom colours. 

  • Specially formulated for authentic watercolours
  • Model transparent to opaque water
  • Use to customise other Water System products

Surface Waters : Creating Movement

  • Water Effects (WC1212) Use to model fast-moving water features, such as waterfalls, rapids, waves or churning water. It’s great for winter effects like icicles and other ice-like features. Water Effects is mouldable and holds its shape and remains flexible, always let dry until clear. Use on top of fully-dried Realistic Water or Deep Pour Water to add water movement. Non-toxic.
  • Water Ripples (WCW4515) Water Ripples goes on clear and dries clear to create ripples. Customise your water colours by adding Water Tints or create whitecaps and foamy water with White Water Highlight™.
  • Water Waves (WCW4516) Water Waves goes on clear and dries clear to create splashes, waves, and rapids. Customise your water colours by adding Water Tints or create whitecaps and frothy water with White Water Highlight™
  • White Water Highlight™ (WCW4529) Add White Water Highlight to intensify water crests, rapids, and waterfalls Also create the look of foamy or frothy water when added to any Surface Waters or Deep Pour Water™

Set your water in motion by using Surface Waters to model splashes, waves and waterfalls. Use White Water Highlight to intensify movement or add foam and froth.

To find out more about the range and to find your local retailer visit our website here!