GMRC Series 2 – Heat Two

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Heat two ‘Team Phoenix’ hard at work!

Heat two of the Great Model Railway Challenge Series 2 on Friday 20th September saw three more enthusiastic teams of modellers go head to head for a coveted place in the semi-finals of the competition; Team Phoenix, Rail Riders and Scarborough Flyers tackled the week’s ‘Classic Books’ theme with innovative and contrasting approaches.

Two teams made extensive use of Woodland Scenics products to develop the realistic terrain on their layouts – Plaster Cloth Rolls and Sheets (WC1192 & WC1193) giving Rail Riders’ ‘War of the Worlds’ the elevation it needed for Martian manoeuvres, along with a plethora of Bushes (Woodlands Bushes Clump-Foliage WC1644- Olive Green, WC1645 – Light Green & WC1647 – Dark Green), Rocks (See the range) and Trees (See the full range of trees) for the scenic realism much admired by judge Kathy. 

Team member Jenny quickly became known for her fast-paced build, and commented that Woodland Scenics’ vinyl-backed Ready Grass Roll (WRG5123) is ‘a good product and it gives an effective result,’ after only 20 minutes’ deft work with a heat gun. See the full range of Ready Grass Roll here!

Woodland Scenics’ vinyl-backed Ready Grass Roll (WRG5123)

Meanwhile, Scarborough Flyers mastered gradients and embankments for their desert track using Risers (WST1406, WST1407, WST1408 and WST1409) and Incline/Decline sets (WST1416) to bring depth to their ‘Lawrence of Arabia’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom’ layout.

Team Phoenix took the Scenecraft route to populate their nicely leftfield ‘Classic Novels of Agatha Christie’ layout, featuring our Scenecraft Art Deco Station Buildings (44-066 & 44-068) and matching Signal Box (44-0059) plus low relief Retaining Walls and Tunnels (44-225, 44-228 & 44-292) to great effect.  A row of shops brought low relief into play and added depth to the back-scene (44-275, 44-276 & 44-283).

Also making good use of Scenecraft in the Martian aftermath were Rail Riders whose convincing Northern industrial scene comprised a Gate House (44-0086), Yard Office (44-0087), Stores (44-0088), Walls and Gates (44-541) and not forgetting the ubiquitous Commercial Waste Skips (44-501)!

Scenecraft OO scale Industrial Buildings – Left to Right Industrial Gate House (44-0086), Industrial Yard Office (44-0087) & Industrial Store and Canopy (44-0088).

During the build, the 25 piece ModelMaker Essentials Tool Set (MM014) retained its 100% record this week and all three teams put a Proses Ballast Spreader (PBS-HO-01) through its paces this time round.

Midland Railway 1F 41803 in British Railways Black (31-434)

Traction & Rolling Stock Watch (Heat Two) served up the delightful Midland Railway 1F Tank, Open Cab 41803 in British Railways Black (31-434) operating for the Scarborough Flyers. 

Class 24/1 24137 in BR Blue (32-442)
LMS 50ft Inspection Saloon in BR Blue & Grey (39-777A)

Making an intriguing cameo appearance in one of the continuity clips was forthcoming new release Class 24/1 24137 in BR Blue (32-442), paired with an LMS 50ft Inspection Saloon in BR Blue & Grey (39-777A)We look forward to seeing more of this combination as the series unfolds!

The Rail Riders Winning Heat Two layout ‘The War of the Worlds’

Congratulations from Bachmann to the winners of heat two, Rail Riders.  What feats of model railway building await us in heat three on Friday 27th September 2019!

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