Product Highlight: EFE Rail WD Austerity (J94) Saddle Tanks

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Product Highlight: WD Austerity (J94) Saddle Tanks

The EFE Rail range is ready to welcome its first N scale steam locomotive models, with WD Austerity Saddle Tank steam locomotives having recently arrived.

Despite the small size of these models, they feature a multitude of details and liveries that are appropriate for each specific locomotive. Their sides and fronts feature metal handrails and pipes in various arrangements, with correct variations of smoke box door also present. There are different bunkers and cabs, with the insides of the cabs featuring decorated cab backheads. The wheels feature brake hangers and separately fitted brake rigging.

These models all feature a 6-pin decoder socket, although a 6-pin Micro DCC Decoder such as our 36-571 is required due to their small size. The locomotives also share the following features:

  • Accessory Pack
  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Powerful Coreless Motor
  • Electrical Pickup from all wheels

E85508 – WD Austerity Saddle Tank 85 M.S.C. (Manchester Ship Canal) Lined Grey

Our first model is E85508, which depicts a WD Austerity Saddle Tank in Manchester Ship Canal’s grey livery with white lining from Era 3. 



E85502 – WD Austerity (J94) Saddle Tank 68043 BR Black (Early Emblem)

Our next model is E85502, which depicts WD Austerity Saddle Tank No. 68043 in BR’s unlined black livery with the early BR emblem from Era 4. This example was purchased by the LNER and classified as a J94 before passing into BR stock upon Nationalisation.



E85501 – WD Austerity (J94) Saddle Tank 68075 BR Black (Late Crest)

Our third model is E85501, another J94, which is No. 68074 in BR’s unlined Black livery with the late BR crest from Era 5. 



E85504 – WD Austerity Saddle Tank ‘Amazon’ National Coal Board Lined Green

Our next model is E85504, which depicts a WD Austerity Saddle Tank in the National Coal Board’s lined green livery, which comes from era 5 and has been given the name ‘Amazon’.



E85509 – WD Austerity Saddle Tank No. 15 W.P.R (Wemyss Private Railway) Brown

Our penultimate model is E85509, which depicts WD Austerity Saddle Tank No. 15 in the Wemyss Private Railway’s brown livery with cream lining from era 5.



E85503 – WD Austerity Saddle Tank No. 12 National Coal Board Kent Lined Blue

Our final model is E85503, depicting WD Austerity Saddle Tank No. 12 in National Coal Board Kent’s blue livery with yellow lining. This locomotive is from era 6, so may also be suitable for use on layouts that primarily feature diesel traction.



These models are already available from retailers, so head to the Bachmann Europe website where you can find more information. Once you’ve selected your models, get in touch with your nearest retailer to order yours! 

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