Product Highlight: Narrow Gauge RNAD Wagons

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All new tooling!

The Bachmann Narrow Gauge range is continuing to expand, with a large range of Royal Navy Armaments Depot (RNAD) wagons arriving over the next few weeks.

RNAD wagons were originally designed for use at depots to ease the storage and supply of armaments to the Royal Navy and other Commonwealth forces, and were successful enough that large quantities were still in use during the early years of the 21st century. As they have only been withdrawn in recent years, many have now gone into preservation and can be seen at venues such as the Statfold Barn Railway and the Welsh Highland Railway.

These wagon models have all been produced using new tooling and have NEM coupling pockets.


393-150 – RNAD Rebuilt Open Wagon Statfold Barn Railway Grey

Our first open wagon is 393-150, which depicts a rebuilt open wagon as preserved at the Statfold Barn Railway in Staffordshire. This wagon carries the number 33475 and is decorated in a pristine dark grey livery inspired by the Great Western Railway. 



393-151 – RNAD Rebuilt Open Wagon Welsh Highland Railway Red

Our next open wagon is 393-151. This wagon carries the number 7 and is decorated in the pristine red livery of the Welsh Highland Railway, where the real wagon has been preserved.



393-152 – RNAD Rebuilt Open Wagon ‘ICI Buxton Lime’

The penultimate open wagon is 393-152, which is decorated in a pristine ICI Buxton Lime livery and carries the number 31.



393-153 – RNAD Rebuilt Open Wagon ‘Lenham Storage’ Green

The final open wagon is 393-153, which carries the number 3 and is decorated in pristine dark green Lenham Storage livery.



393-175 – RNAD Flat Wagon Planked Ends RNAD Dean Hill with Sleeper Load [WL]

Moving on to flat wagons, we have 393-175 which depicts a wagon with planked ends. The wagon carries the number DH314 37 and is decorated in RNAD Dean Hill livery. This wagon comes with a sleeper load.



393-176 – RNAD Flat Wagon Statfold Barn Railway Grey ‘Serpent B’

Our next flat wagon is 393-176, in the Statfold Barn Railway’s dark grey livery which was inspired by the liveries used on the Great Western Railway. This wagon carries the number 53479 and does not have planked ends.



393-177 – RNAD Flat Wagon RNAD Dean Hill

Our last new flat wagon is 393-177, which is decorated in pristine RNAD Dean Hill livery and has single-planked ends. It carries the number DH208 24



393-126 – RNAD Box Van SR Brown

Our first van is 393-126, which is decorated in a pristine brown livery as used by the Southern Railway. The wagon carries the number 47062.



393-127 – RNAD Van Statfold Barn Railway White ‘MICA B’

The next van is 393-127, which is based on a wagon that has been preserved at the Statfold Barn Railway. Decorated in the Statfold Barn’s GWR style white livery, it carries the number 53471.



393-125 – RNAD Van RNAD Grey

Our final van is 393-125, which is decorated in pristine RNAD light grey livery and does not carry a number. Unlike the previous vans, this van has loading doors on the roof.



393-100 – RNAD Enclosed-End Brake Van RNAD Grey

The first of our brake vans is 393-100, which depicts a fully enclosed brake van in the RNAD’s light grey livery. It carries the number TO 153



393-102 – RNAD Enclosed-End Brake Van WHR Red

The next brake van is 393-102, which also has enclosed ends. This van is based on a wagon that is preserved at the Welsh Highland Railway, and is decorated in their red livery.



393-101 – RNAD Open-End Brake Van Statfold Barn Railway Brown

Our final brake van is 393-101, which is also based on a van that has been preserved. It is decorated in the GWR-inspired brown livery of the Statfold Barn Railway. Unlike the previous two brake vans, this van has open ends.



With several of these models already available from Bachmann stockists and others set to be released in the coming weeks, head to the Bachmann website for the latest release information. Once you’ve selected your models, get in touch with your nearest retailer to purchase yours!

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