Scenecraft Lineside Scenes

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Included in the Scenecraft range is a collection of railway architecture and accessories which are designed to enhance and complete your railway layout. With a selection of products in both OO and N scales, these items span over many years helping you accurately recreate your era of choice.

Above: Freightliner locomotives Class 57 (32-753DS) and Class 66 (32-981) can be seen in a typical lineside scene.

A perfect addition to any lineside scene is the signal box. Introduced in the mid-1800s, they were built with the intention of giving the signalman a good view of the track that was under his control, whilst providing a dry, climate controlled environment for themselves and the mechanics. Since they were introduced, they have become an iconic sight on railways throughout Britain, with many that are still seen today becoming registered as listed buildings. The Scenecraft range includes a variety of signal boxes created from a mixture of materials such as brick, stone and wood.

Above: A selection of OO scale signal boxes, (left) 44-0074, (centre) 44-0059, (right) 44-0100.

Many other items can be found alongside railway lines including signals, huts and cabinets. Along with these items, we have many more products available in the range which can be found listed below. These products can be purchased from any Bachmann Stockists.

Item No. Description Scale Available RRP
44-225 Low Relief Retaining Walls OO In Stock £16.95
44-228 Low Relief Double Track Tunnel Portal OO In Stock £16.00
44-287 Low Relief Railway Arches OO Awaiting £49.95
44-292 Single Tunnel Portal OO Awaiting £29.95
44-0072 Weybourne Road Bridge OO In Stock £44.95
44-0074 Downham Market Signal Box OO In Stock £39.95
44-0059 Art Deco Signal Box OO In Stock £54.95
44-0100 Midsomer Norton Signal Box OO Awaiting £74.95
44-189 Gated Level Crossing (Single Track) OO In Stock £38.95
44-047 Hampton Hill Platelayers Hut OO In Stock £14.95
44-0078 Crossing Keeper’s Cottage OO In Stock £29.95
44-036 Sectional Lineside Hut OO In Stock £11.95
44-574 Colour Light Signals OO In Stock £13.95
44-560 Lineside Cabinets OO In Stock £8.95
44-586 Ground Lever Frame and Board OO On Order £14.95
42-047 Hampton Hill Platelayers Hut N Awaiting £11.95
42-176 Stone Signal Box N In Stock £37.95
42-182 Ground Frame Hut N In Stock £15.95
42-133 BR Type 15 Signal Box N In Stock £29.95
42-254 Low Relief Power Signal Box N In Stock £27.95
42-228 Low Relief Double Track Tunnel Portal N In Stock £13.95
42-225 Low Relief Retaining Walls N On Order £5.95