Product Highlight: N Scale BR Mark 1 Coaches

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Product Highlight: N Scale BR Mark 1 Coaches

The Graham Farish range of N Scale models were the focus of our recent Summer British Railway Announcements and much like with the real British Railways, the Mark 1 Coach made up a significant proportion of the fleet.

Our Mark 1 Coaches are fitted with several impressive details despite the small scale of the models. There are ventilators and handrails on the roofs, footboards along the solebars, hinges and handles on the doors, and visible ventilator slides on the windows. There is also a full complement of equipment on the undersides, and each coach has been mounted on the appropriate type of bogie with metal wheels. Beyond these impressive details, these coaches all share the following common features:

  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Close Coupling Mechanism
  • Accessory Pack



BR Mk1 Coaches – BR Crimson & Cream

Our first set of BR MK1 coaches has been decorated in the BR Crimson and Cream livery from Era 4. 

Item No.DescriptionRunning No.Bogies
374-010FBR Mk1 TSO Tourist Second OpenSC3987BR1
374-010GBR Mk1 TSO Tourist Second OpenE3870BR1
374-060EBR Mk1 SK Second CorridorSC24172BR1
374-255DBR Mk1 CK Composite CorridorSC15180BR1
Item No.DescriptionRunning No.Bogies
374-113BR Mk1 RMB Restaurant Miniature BuffetM1853BR1
374-185DBR Mk1 BSK Brake Second CorridorSC34188BR1
374-081BBR Mk1 BCK Brake Composite CorridorSC21017BR1
374-035BBR Mk1 BG Brake GangwayedE80803BR1



BR Mk1 Coaches – BR Maroon

The next set of coaches are painted in BR’s Maroon livery with yellow lining and numbers from Era 5. 

Item No.DescriptionRunning No.Bogies
374-012EBR Mk1 TSO Tourist Second OpenE4472BR1
374-012FBR Mk1 TSO Tourist Second OpenM4440BR1
374-061DBR Mk1 SK Second CorridorM25749Commonwealth
374-061EBR Mk1 SK Second CorridorM25745Commonwealth
Item No.DescriptionRunning No.Bogies
374-257DBR Mk 1 CK Composite CorridorE15136BR1
374-257EBR Mk 1 CK Composite CorridorSC15148BR1
374-107CBR Mk1 RMB Restaurant Minature BuffetM1817Commonwealth
Item No.DescriptionRunning No.Bogies
374-187DBR Mk1 BSK Brake Second CorridorM35342Commonwealth
374-036CBR Mk1 BG Brake GangwayedM81314BR1



BR Mk1 Coaches – Western Region Chocolate and Cream

Our next coaches are decorated in the BR Western Region’s Chocolate and Cream livery from Era 5, which was a continuation of the liveries used on the Great Western Railway. 

Item No.DescriptionRunning No.Bogies
374-014BBR Mk1 TSO Tourist Second OpenW4739BR1
374-014CBR Mk1 TSO Tourist Second OpenW4743BR1
374-064DBR Mk1 SK Second CorridorW24164BR1
374-064EBR Mk1 SK Second CorridorW25196BR1
Item No.DescriptionRunning No.Bogies
374-256BBR Mk1 CK Composite CorridorW15060BR1
374-256CBR Mk1 CK Composite CorridorW15072BR1
374-109ABR Mk1 RMB Restaurant Miniature BuffetW1814Commonwealth
374-109BBR Mk1 RMB Restaurant Miniature BuffetW1816Commonwealth



BR Mk1 Coaches – BR Blue & Grey

The next groups of coaches are painted in the BR Blue and Grey livery, suitable for Era 6 onwards. 

Item No.DescriptionRunning No.Bogies
374-013EBR Mk1 TSO Tourist Second OpenW5025Commonwealth
374-013FBR Mk1 TSO Tourist Second OpenM4966Commonwealth
374-062EBR Mk1 SK Second CorridorSC25219BR1
374-062FBR Mk1 SK Second CorridorM25241BR1
Item No.DescriptionRunning No.Bogies
374-258EBR Mk1 CK Composite CorridorW15944BR1
374-110CBR Mk1 RMB Restaurant Miniature BuffetM1869Commonwealth
374-188EBR Mk1 BSK Brake Second CorridorW35328Commonwealth
374-039DBR Mk1 BG Brake GangwayedM81325BR1



BR Mk1 Coaches – WCRC Maroon

The next groups of coaches are in WCRC’s Maroon livery from the current Era 9. 

Item No.DescriptionRunning No.Bogies
374-018BR Mk1 TSO Tourist Second Open4973Commonwealth
374-018ABR Mk1 TSO Tourist Second Open4960Commonwealth
374-112BR Mk1 RMB Restaurant Miniature Buffet1860Commonwealth
374-199BR Mk1 BSK Brake Second Corridor99723Commonwealth



BR Mk1 Coaches – Unique Liveries

And finally, we have some single coaches which, in the case of the Sealink-liveried model, bolster previous releases from Graham Farish. The Network Rail model on the other hand denotes a coach that was used by the UK’s rail infrastructure company.

Item No.DescriptionRunning No.Bogies
374-089BR Mk1 BCK Brake Composite – Network Rail YellowDB975280B4
374-065ABR Mk1 SK Second Corridor – SealinkSC24856BR1



These models are due to arrive at retailers over the next few months, so head to the Bachmann Europe website where you can find the latest release information. Once you’ve selected your models, get in touch with your nearest retailer to pre-order yours!

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