Weathered Models from Bachmann

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Weathered models are a good way to add extra levels of realism to your layout and with a range of locomotives, multiple units and rolling stock available in both our Branchline & Graham Farish ranges, there is something available for everyone. Within this article, we highlight a couple of examples of weathered models from each of our Graham Farish and Branchline ranges.

Above: 371-651A, No. 57008 ‘Freightliner Explorer’ in weathered Freightliner livery.

In our Graham Farish N scale range we have a number of models of Class 57s, including a weathered version in Freightliner livery (371-651A, No. 57008 ‘Freightliner Explorer’). Class 57s are re-engineered locomotives built from Class 47 with modifications to help improve performance and reliability. These well-travelled engines worked all over Britain, visiting locations such as Ipswich, Southampton, Birmingham, Cardiff and Leeds. Due to the locomotives clocking up the miles and visiting many freight depots, they more often than not would be seen in a weathered appearance.

Above: Livery comparison between the unweathered (left, 31-040) and weathered (right, 31-041) Class 450 EMUs.

Our models of the Branchline OO scale Class 450 EMUs come in an unweathered (31-040, No. 450073 in South West Trains) and weathered (31-041, No. 450127 in South West Trains) finish. Much like the real EMU, our weathered model is decorated with a two-tone colour effect which occurs due to wear and fading on the painted roof, whilst the sides do not fade in this way and retain their vibrant colours. Furthermore, our two models have several lighting functions including illuminated cab destination boards, illuminated seating areas and bi-directional lights.

Above: The two-tone weathering effect of 31-041, Class 450 EMUs.

One of the finest examples of our weathered finish comes in the form of our limited edition Bachmann Collectors Club 4MT steam locomotive (31-115K, No. 75075 in weathered BR Black livery – end of SR Steam). The model faithfully captures the final days with an authentic weathered finish which includes chalked messages, which had been added to the front end of the locomotive commiserating the end of steam. You can watch this model in action on our YouTube channel below.

Please note limited edition models that are sold through the Bachmann Collectors Club are only available to Club members. Not a member? Join by visiting the Bachmann Collectors Club website.

Along with the above mentioned items, we have many more models in our ranges that come with weathering applied. Keep your eye out whilst looking through the catalogues for the ‘W’ symbol to find more products with this special features. These products can be purchased from any Bachmann Stockists.