British Railway Announcements | Autumn 2022

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Today (Wednesday 3rd August) we unveiled our latest new products for Bachmann Branchline, Graham Farish, Scenecraft and the Bachmann Collectors Club in our Autumn 2022 British Railway Announcements – headlined by new tooling projects in both N and OO scale. Less than two weeks since the surprise announcement of the all-new Bachmann Branchline OO scale Class 37 during the DEMU Showcase event, details of the first batch of new Class 37s to be released this Autumn have also been revealed.

More Class 37s join the Fleet

Starting with the new OO scale Class 37 and four further models will be released in addition to No. 37430 ‘Cwmbran’ which is already available. Two models depict Class 37/0s and there are two further Class 37/4s as well – all are available in our award-winning SOUND FITTED DELUXE format in addition to the standard and SOUND FITTED options.

Time to Dance

Aside from the new 37s, further new tooling from Bachmann Branchline comes in the form of the SE&CR 25 Ton Dance Hall Brake Van. These imposing vehicles are often asked for and now appear in OO scale for the first time, complementing other SE&CR prototypes that can be found in the Bachmann Branchline range such as the C Class Steam Locomotive and Birdcage Coaches. New versions of the Class 101 and 105 DMUs will also be arriving this Autumn, whilst the BR Mk2F Refurbished Driving Brake Second Opens which have been in high demand since their release earlier this year see further versions announced in the liveries of BR InterCity (Swallow) and Network Rail.

Electric Class 90 from Graham Farish

In N scale the launch of a brand-new Class 90 Electric Locomotive marks a major milestone for Graham Farish – this being the first all-new tooling project announced by Graham Farish via Bachmann’s quarterly British Railway Announcements. Much-requested by consumers following the release of the highly acclaimed Bachmann Branchline OO scale model, the new N scale models will debut at The International N Gauge Show in September, with delivery due by the end of 2022. Five models will be available initially, each with the option of SOUND FITTED, and every Graham Farish Class 90 will feature a coreless motor, all-wheel pick up and all-wheel drive, a Next18 DCC decoder socket, a pre-fitted speaker, directional lights, cab lights when used on DCC, and a poseable pantograph.

We like the Sound of the Midland Class 3835

Alongside the Class 90, Graham Farish also announced that the Midland Railway Class 3835 (4F) has been upgraded to feature a Next18 DCC decoder socket and pre-fitted speaker; these enhancements will benefit the three models due for release this Autumn and allow the production of the three SOUND FITTED models announced today.

Graham Farish – 50 Years of N Scale

Following the recent celebrations of 50 years of N scale models from Graham Farish and with the naming of a GB Railfreight Class 60 locomotive to mark this occasion, a special 50th Anniversary Collectors Pack featuring this locomotive has been announced. Alongside the model of Class 60 No. 60002 ‘Graham Farish 50th Anniversary’ – which will also be available with SOUND FITTED – each pack includes a commemorative nameplate, pin badge, £35 Bachmann Collectors Club voucher and a certificate of authenticity, all of which is presented in a bespoke wooden box.

A New Quartet of Sales Area Exclusive Models

A second round of N scale Sales Area Exclusive models has also been announced, this time featuring a quartet of Class 08 Diesel Shunters utilising the new high-spec 08 from Graham Farish and including SOUND FITTED options for each.

There’s Something BIG coming from Scenecraft

Away from the rails and there were new models announced for Bachmann’s Scenecraft range too. These finely detailed, hand painted buildings and accessories are ready to place on any layout or diorama and the new additions include models in N, OO and O scale. Notably in O scale, it is now possible to model a convincing diesel depot scene using the new Diesel Fuelling Point, Fuelling Point Pump House, Fuel Storage Tank and Office Block – the latter being ideally suited to use as a depot mess room among other applications.

In OO scale there is a signalling theme this Autumn with the Signalman’s Token Platform, Brick & Timber Signal Box and Air Raid Protection (ARP) Signal Box amongst the new items, whilst the N scale range benefits from several warehouse/industrial buildings and a trio of different houses ranging from the quintessential Rural Workers Cottages to the austere Prefabricated House.

Like all of the items featured in each British Railway Announcements, these new products are due to be arriving with your local Bachmann stockist in the coming months, so contact your local stockist to order yours today.

More Exclusive Models from the Bachmann Collectors Club

Following a busy period of new releases from the Bachmann Collectors Club, three further Club-exclusive models were today unveiled during Bachmann Europe’s Autumn 2022 British Railway Announcements.

In N scale the Graham Farish Class 101 three-car DMU has been produced in the bold orange and black livery of Strathclyde Transport for the first time. This Bachmann Collectors Club Limited Edition model is available in both standard format and with SOUND FITTED – the latter being pre-fitted with two Zimo DCC decoders, one sound and one non-sound decoder to operate the lights in the driving trailer vehicle. Like all SOUND FITTED models, this too will operate and play sounds on analogue control as well as DCC straight out of the box. The standard model is priced at £274.95 whilst the SOUND FITTED version costs £374.95.

After the launch of the OO scale JPA Bogie Cement Wagons as Club-exclusive models earlier this year, the IPA Double Deck Car Transporter Twins are also now available exclusively from the Bachmann Collectors Club. First released by Bachmann Branchline, these models feature an unprecedented level of detail and decoration, comprising hundreds of separate parts and with liveries that feature countless logos and print applications.

The long and intricate production process for these hand assembled models now means that, like the JPAs, the IPAs are expensive wagons to produce, so much so that to proceed with a further production run to be sold by our valued retail partners would not be commercially viable due to the high retail price that would result from the increased costs involved. Instead, by offering these beautiful models directly to Bachmann Collectors Club members, we are once again able to deliver this highly desirable product whilst ensuring it remains attainable by our cherished Club members.

The Car Transporter Wagons are supplied in pairs and are now available in pristine STVA Grey, at a price of £139.95 per pack, or Weathered STVA Red livery which costs £149.95 per pack. These new items join the two models launched in June at the Bachmann Collectors Club’s Practically Perfect Sale – the N scale Class 37 No. 37501 ‘Teesside Steelmaster’ in its eye-catching light blue livery and the OO scale BR Mk2F Refurbished DBSO in DRS livery. Furthermore, a Bachmann Collectors Club limited edition version of the all-new Branchline Class 37 was revealed last month to coincide with the launch of the new 37, depicting Class 37/4 No. 37422 ‘Cardiff Canton’ in the beautiful EWS livery, this model is offered in standard, SOUND FITTED and SOUND FITTED DELUXE format.

Bachmann Collectors Club members can place their orders online via New members can also join online and purchase from the growing range of Club exclusive models straight away. Orders and membership enquiries can also be made by telephone on 01455 245565.