Midland Pullman Train Packs

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Whether you model in the classic OO or the more compact N is your preferred scale, our beautifully presented Midland Pullman 6-car multiple unit train packs are sure to delight modellers and collectors alike!

These certificated collector edition packs each come complete with a book about the iconic Midland Pullman written especially for Bachmann by author Kevin Robertson, a pack of Pullman stewards and train crew figures, a reproduction menu card and a beautiful fine art print of the artwork featured on the box. Both of the Pullman Train Packs are available to purchase from any Bachmann Stockist.

30-425, OO Scale 6 Car DEMU Midland Pullman Train Pack

370-425, N scale 6 Car DEMU Midland Pullman Train Pack

British Rail launched the luxury Midland Pullman service running between London St Pancras and Manchester Central in 1960. Using the specially designed “Blue Pullman” six-car sets built by Metro Cammell, the service was aimed at capturing some of the lucrative business traffic between London and Manchester. It would compete against the emerging domestic air routes and private motor cars by offering a three hour and fifteen minute journey time coupled with First Class accommodation and dining facilities.

By 1966 the Midland Pullman service was withdrawn, as the newly electrified West Coast Main Line now offered faster journey times to Manchester. The Midland Pullman sets were transferred to the Western Region in 1967 to supplement the existing eight-car sets that were running the Birmingham Pullman, the Bristol Pullman and the South Wales Pullman. The introduction of Mark 2 coaching stock to British Rail, offering passengers air-conditioned travel in modern comfortable coaches at more reasonable prices, hastened the demise of the Pullman service and by May 1973 all the sets has been withdrawn. Sadly, none survived into preservation.

See the Midland Pullman in action in this fantastic video put together by our friends at BRM. The video shows the set in action and takes a closer look at some of the fine detail and features of this stunning model.