Latest Additions to the Just Plug Range

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The Just Plug Lighting System by Woodland Scenics is a complete, quick and easy way to add realistic lighting to layouts & other projects. Suitable for all scales, Just Plug is an affordable and hassle-free way to really bring your diorama and layouts to life!

Recently, Woodland Scenics added a selection of new Just Plug products to help make adding the lighting system to new or existing layouts easier than before! These products, along with the rest of the Just Plug range, are available to purchase from your local Bachmann stockist. The new products include:

New Sequencing Light Hub – WJP5680

Show some activity on your layout with a Sequencing Light Hub. Add up to four Just Plug lights that automatically turn lights on and off in a sequence. Includes dimmer and speed controls. Turn sequencing off to use as a Light Hub.

New Battery Case – WJP5682

Provide power without electrical access. Plugs into a Light Hub, Expansion Hub or Sequencing Light Hub. Great for modular layouts, contests and dioramas.

*Requires two 9-Volt batteries, not included.

New Extension Wire – WJP5683

Extension Wire is Just Plug-compatible and comes in 50-foot rolls. Wire is colour-coded for proper connection with Linker Plugs and Splicer Plugs. Pair Wire with Splicer Plugs to create custom lengths. Soft insulation for easy stripping.

New Port Sharing Device – WJP5681

Use the Port Sharing Device with a Light Hub or Sequencing Light Hub to add up to four LED Lights per Light Port.

New Extension Cable Kit – WJP5684

Use with Extension Wire to create custom lengths of Just Plug Cables. Reach Light Hubs anywhere on your layout or project.

New Linker Plugs – WJP5685

Ready to plug into a port on a Light Hub, Sequencing Hub or Port Sharing Device. Use to plug in remotely located Street and Wall Mount Lights.

New Splicer Plugs – WJP5686

Easily customize wire connections for any length. Includes large buttons for ease of use.

For assistance on how to use the Just Plug Lighting System, why not watch our dedicated YouTube playlist with tutorials, tips and guides on how to get started.