Imminent W. Britain Arrivals

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We will soon be receiving the latest delivery of W. Britain figures into the Bachmann warehouse. These items will be ready for immediate despatch and will be appearing in a stockist near you soon. Contact your local stockist to place your order for these figures. Within this current delivery, we have figures from the Napoleonic, American Civil War and Museum Collection.

Item No. Description Range RRP
B10056 Santa Anna 1963 Museum Collection  £33.99
B10057 William B. Travis 1863 Museum Collection £33.99
B31269 Federal Orderly Holding Horse – 2 Piece Set American Civil War  £83.99
B31276 Federal Infantry Officer Mounted American Civil War £83.99
B31279 Federal Artilleryman Yelling  American Civil War £37.99
B31281 U.S Telegraph Corps Set No.1 – 4 Piece Set
(Limited Edition of 400)
American Civil War £80.99
B31283 Federal Artilleryman Standing with Hand on Belt American Civil War £37.99
B36168 Nassau Grenadier Standing Firing No.2 1815 Napoleonic £39.99
B36169 Nassau Grenadier Standing Ramming 1815 Napoleonic £39.99
B36170 Nassau Grenadier Standing Tearing Cartridge 1815 Napoleonic £39.99
B36172 Nassau Grenadier Standing Kneeling Firing 1815 Napoleonic £39.99
B36173 Nassau Grenadier Reaching for Cartridge No.2 1815 Napoleonic £39.99


Our newest additions to the Napoleonic range are Grenadiers of the 2nd Nassau-Usingen Regiment. Later in the year, additional figures will become available including their colours, drums and officers.

Led by Napoleon I, the Napoleonic Wars occurred from between 1803 until 1815 and started due to unresolved disputes from the French Revolution. Grenadiers, which were usually chosen from the most physically strong and largest soldiers, were originally dedicated to throwing grenades and sometimes assault operations. By the 1700s, it was no longer a requirement to have a person dedicated to throwing grenades. However, Grenadiers would still be used to lead assaults on the battlefield.

Above (left to right): B36168, B36169, B36170, B36172 & B36173

American Civil War

Joining one of our more popular ranges – American Civil War – are five new figures including an interesting set representing one of the technological advancements that occurred before the conflict (B31281 – 4 piece limited edition set). This was the telegraph and the use of Morse code, which has been in use since the mid-1840s. This new form of communication did not only change the public’s expectation for the speed at which information disseminated, but it was also a great tool for government leaders and the military of both sides during the war. Please visit the American Civil War section of the website to view the full range.

Above (left to right): B31269, B31276, B31279, B31281 & B31283

Museum Collection

Santa Anna 1963 and William Travis 1863 are the latest Museum Collection figures to arrive and add to a growing selection of historical personages and famous regiments. To view the rest of the range, please visit the Museum Collection section of the website.

Santa Anna was a Mexican Politician and General. Following Mexico’s independence from Spain in 1821, the country was hit by political decay. Santa Anna took advantage of this and ended up heading the Mexican government 11 times over his life. Due to him idolising Napoleon and having portraits of the French emperor adorning the walls of his estates, he proclaimed himself to be the “Napoleon of the West”.

William Travis was a American lawyer and soldier during the 19th Century. He was a lieutenant colonel in the Texas Army by the age of 26 and he died during the Battle of the Alamo during the Texas Revolution.

Above (left to right): B10056 & B10057

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