Latest Scenecraft Arrivals

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This week we welcomed the arrival to our warehouse of a selection of highly anticipated Scenecraft buildings and accessories which are now being dispatched to our many stockists.

OO Scale Scenecraft Industrial Yard

Above: A scene based around the OO scale Scenecraft Industrial Yard

We are delighted to have in stock the OO scale Industrial Yard collection which is new for 2018. Comprising the Industrial Gate House (44-0086 – RRP £94.95)Industrial Yard Office (44-0087 – RRP £17.95) and Industrial Stores and Canopy (44-0088 – RRP £54.95), this collection is inspired by red brick industrial architecture which still exists today. The models are very versatile and can be used together, as shown above, or as individual structures. This type of unit is commonly seen alongside railways but can also be found alongside canals, where it may be used as a workshop or a goods store, or in many other industrial settings. Our Tall Retaining Walls (44-590 – RRP £13.95) will help to enclose the scene and create an interesting diorama for your stock to run alongside. The Tall Retaining Walls also also offer a good alternative to our Low Relief Retaining Walls (44-225).

OO Scale Portable Offices (44-081)
RRP £36.95

The Scenecraft OO scale Portable Offices are based on structures commonly seen at the side of railway lines. These buildings have become a common sight across the UK since the 1960s and are used for all manner of applications such as construction site offices, school classrooms, railway offices and even model railway club rooms! You can have full flexibility with this product too, as they are easily separated so can be used as either single or twin story buildings.

OO Scale Small Industrial Unit (44-0090)
RRP £34.95

Another Scenecraft item which is new for 2018 is the OO scale Small Industrial Unit. This model is based on a typical small industrial unit, the likes of which can be found on industrial estates throughout the country. Colourful signs bring this building to life, but why not consider making this item unique to your layout by printing your own signs!

OO Scale Goods Unloading Shed (44-0091)
RRP £79.95

The Goods Unloading Shed was announced at the start of the year and this versatile structure will suit all manner of layouts. The shed is designed to keep the contents beneath dry and can be positioned in the middle of a factory or railway goods yard, on a farm with machinery or hay underneath, or in front of a mill or factory building loading area. It could even be utilised to house a bustling marketing scene or car boot sale.

OO Scale Motorail Car Loading Point (44-0092)
RRP £39.95

Our Motorail Car Loading Point has arrived just in time to partner with the highly anticipated Branchline OO scale Carflat Wagons. Ramps such as this were found at stations, goods yards and manufacturing plants to enable vehicles to be loaded onto Carflat wagons. New vehicles would travel by rail to their point of sale, whilst members of the public would make use of ‘Motorail’ services which combined passenger accommodation and Carflat wagons in the same train – these trains were often used by holidaymakers and allowed them to travel long distances by train but with their car available at the destination for onward travel.

OO Scale Rendered Prefab Building (44-0094)
RRP £54.95

Another new building from our 2018 range is the Rendered Prefab Building. Prefabricated buildings such as this began popping up all over the UK following the end of World War Two, as this method of construction was quick and cheap at a time when lots of new buildings were required. The same principal was used to construct housing in order to replace those destroyed by air raids during WW2. Our model is based on a structure used at an airport but similar buildings are used as railway offices, classrooms and even libraries – with this Scenecraft model the opportunities are endless! Why not combine the Rendered Prefab Building with the Small Industrial Unit (44-0090) and Portable Offices (44-081) to create an authentic industrial scene.

N Scale Diesel Fuelling Point (42-040)
RRP £15.95

A new item in N scale is the Diesel Fuelling Point. Seen across the country at depots and yards from the late 1960s onwards, they were a vital facility during the roll-out of diesel locomotives on the mainline. Why not position it alongside our soon to be released Serving Point (42-0053 – RRP £33.95).

Scenecraft ‘At Pocket Money Prices’ Range

We have also had several new arrivals from the Scenecraft ‘At Pocket Money Prices’ range – the affordable range of accessories designed to make your layout or diorama as detailed as possible!

Item No. Description Scale RRP
42-225 Low Relief Retaining Walls N £5.95
44-543 Metal Platform Lamps x 4 OO £9.95
44-545 Tarpaulin Covered Wagon Loads x 4 OO £8.95
44-546 Grit Boxes x 4 OO £5.95
44-548 Station Signage Set OO £8.95
44-551 Coal Loads x 4 OO £7.95
44-578 Passenger Information Screen OO £6.95


All of the products in this latest arrival are available to purchase from your local stockist. For future updates on Bachmann products, keep an eye out on our news blog.