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Tidy Track® is a complete system that includes all the tools needed for corrective and preventive maintenance of your track and wheels. Use to improve conductivity for optimum performance, extend the life of your train and track and protect your investment. Check out the video from Woodland Scenic below and learn more –

Demonstration of Woodland Scenics Tidy Track®


Rail Tracker™ Cleaning Kit WTT4550

Clean track with your eyes closed. Its’s that easy! The Rail Tracker cleaning tool actually follows the track and hugs the rail while you clean. The kit includes all you need to clean and maintain your track. 

• Easy, self-guiding system

• Clean hard-to-reach areas

• Replacement pads available

WTT4550 Rail Tracker Cleaning Kit


Roto Wheel Cleaner™ WTT4561 (OO/HO scale) & WTT4560 (N scale)

No more tedious wheel cleaning. Clean locomotives and rolling stock wheels quickly, without scratching.

• Quickly clean all wheels at once

• Power from transformer or track

• Includes replacement pads

WTT4561 Roto Wheel Cleaner


Rescue Pads™ WTT4551

• 2 Replacement pads

• For semi-annual cleaning

• Remove heavy build up

Maintenance Pads WTT4552

• 2 Replacement Pads

• For routine cleaning

• Remove grime and oxidation

Cleaning & Finishing Pads WTT4553

• 4 Replacement pads

• Use with Clean Track Solution

• Remove dirt and make ready for operation

Clean Track Solution WTT4554

• Cleans track for improved conductivity

• Safe for scenery

• Non-toxic

Roto Pads™

• Replacement Cleaning and Scrubbing pads

• For N & OO/HO scales


Dust Monkeys™ WTT4570 (N scale) & WTT4571 (OO/HO scale)

Maintain a clean track by removing dust accumulation during regular operation.

• Dusts track continually

• Attaches to rolling stock

• Hangs from axle out of sight

Rail Pal™ WTT4575

Use to smooth track imperfections and remove dirt and track contaminants, such as paint, adhesives and grime.

• 2-sided for light and heavy cleaning

• Handy for quick fixes

• Does not crumble

Track Painters

Use before or after installation to model track as realistic as the rest of the layout.

• Quick and easy

• Paints metals and plastic

• Works for all scales

• Includes extra tip

Steel Rail WTT4580

Paints rails, plates and spikes a realistic steel colour.

Rusty Rail WTT4581

Paints rails, plates and spikes a realistic rust colour.

Weathered Tie WTT4582

Paint ties a realistic matte finish.

Contact your local stockist to purchase any of the above mentioned products.